Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Rainy Day- No Snow Yet

It seemed like a good time to post something "not Christmas".   :)  I'm going to another tag swap tonight with some pals at my LSS.  It should be an awesome night cause we haven't all gotten together since the summer.  With that thought comes this color palette...
My friend Lisa would be so proud of all the paper piecing I have done lately!  Between the car tags and the other Get Well cards I'm a paper piecing fool! LOL!  I do adore the effect, but not so much the work.
So it is Tuesday and there is a challenge/tut from the "blue team gals" over at Top Tip Tuesday!  The theme this week is snowflakes.  I still have rain- but we are due for some white stuff on Thursday.  I LOVE snow- I know not something most folks say.  Snow to me is magical.  Think about it... White crystals that fall to the ground and stick to things but melt in your hand.  It really is a cool/magical/amazing event that millions of people in certain parts of the world dream about but never see in their lifetime.  Magic!

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  1. Cute card! Love all the sweet little girls in Pure Innocence. You'll have to find your snow boots for her!


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