Sunday, December 25, 2011

Let the Christmas Game Begin!

Amy wants to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and thank Santa for the catnip he brought her,
Cadfael wants to thank all of you for all your prayers/well wishes/support since July.  He was able to walk around the whole neighborhood last week and he'd really like to walk on the beach in Maine today but,
Moriah has to play- and win- her Annual Christmas Game from Tom before we can leave. Wan-wan ;(
You see years ago my sweetie got the hair-brained idea to turn opening gifts into a game for me.  I LOVED it and now I look forward to a game every year.  I like the game more than the gifts. :)  Tom is a lucky guy 'cause it means he can get most gifts from the dollar aisle of Target.  This year though...
There's a TIMEOUT PART!!!!!!!!!!  Cad is hoping I studied hard for this quiz.  He really wants to try to chase some seagulls today. :)

Here's hoping that today finds you able to enjoys treats, stretch your legs, and laugh with all your loved ones!

Merry Christmas,

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