Monday, December 26, 2011

2011 Wreath

Thought I'd take a sec to show the wreath I made for the door this year.  I've saved all kinds of goodies from wreaths and bouquets I've gotten over the years.  The last couple of years I've bought "naked wreaths" and dolled them up with my leftovers. :)
I absolutely love "big bulbs" and con love that my DH, DBIL, DFIL, and for the first time this year Oldest Nephew will put up the big bulb lights on the porch in the front and deck in back. :)  When the bulbs burn out I save them (big plans for these bulbs folks- don't know what those big plans are, but they are big. LOL).  This year a bunch got coated with glitter and put into the "glitter wreath".
Oh-meh-gosh the light hits all that glitter and the wreath looks like it has been lit up!  May your week be full of just as much sparkle!


  1. I love your wreath. I always buy naked and decorate. You will always have a unique wreath.
    I hope your christmas was a merry one.

  2. Your wreath is beautiful, Moriah. Happy Christmas to you and yours!!

  3. Your wreath is gorgeous! I love the idea of using the large bulbs. I have tons of them and will have to try glitter on them.

  4. Love, love, love this wreath! Great idea with the old bulbs!! I may have to "borrow" this idea!


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