Friday, December 30, 2011

Kelly's Christmas Book

Things got a little hectic last week, but I wanted to share this album I gave to my hairdresser for Christmas before the holiday window closed for the year. :)
She had a little girl this summer, so I thought an album of the wee one's first Christmas was in order!
The album is made from white pocket folders, some craft tags, and this uber luscious kit I got myself for Christmas from The Paper Bakery. 
I didn't realize that the folders I bought didn't have full pockets on both sides!!!  Took a breath, thought "what would Tim Gunn do?", said to myself "make it work", and voila!  I think I like the pages more because of the twine bows holding the pockets together. :)
I never really get to make things for girls since I have two "all boy" nephews- not that I am complaining 'cause those boys are wonderful!  It is fun to make something girly once in a while and the shabby chicness of this is sooooo yummy!
I used my handy-dandy Zutter to attach all the pocket folders together after folding/gluing them.  I've been taking classes with Julie to make myself use my handy little binder more.  It's shameful how when I get something that "I NEED" and it gathers dust. :(  Trying to get better about it though.  Gotta say this kit barely had time to warm up from the mailbox before I dove in to make this album. :)
So the idea is that you can mount the pictures above the pocket/tag, on the pocket, or even on the tag and boom the album is set.  
Not that she has to fill that album this way, but I told Kelly that when I was making the album my thought was that various family/friends could write notes to the little one about her first Christmas and Kelly could put pics above the pocket.  

I always worry when I make things that folks won't like them, but I think she liked it.  :)  What about you?  What did you enjoy making/or giving to someone this year?


  1. What a lovely gift. I am sure your hair dresser appreciated it.

  2. This is really adorable! I'm sure she will cherish it!

  3. How beautiful. Your hairdresser is one lucky lady. No doubt she was overjoyed with this wonderfully made book. Very special indeed.

  4. This is AMAZING!!! Those tags are super adorable, too!! :)


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