Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Update Day!

It's been a while and folks have asked "How's the corgi doin'?"  Well here he is using his newly built ramp.  The weather even cooperated so DH could build it and paint it outside (read make a mess in the yard and not the house!).  Not the best shot, but look- no corgi purse action!!!  Cad can get himself on and off the deck, which means he can get in and out of the house without me throwing out my back.  Win-win.  I'll tell ya, twice now I have hurt my back carrying him around and it is amazing how much back pain can mess with every part of your day.  Especially when your day involves 20-some rambunctious 7 year-olds.  Yikes!
I also wanted to share some Christmas tags I made at a swap last night.  We had a Stamp Club reunion with a shoebox swap.  Lisa's tag is the silvery snowflake one and Angela's tag is the Christmas greetings one right next to it.  (Great to see you both ladies!!!)  All the tags are here except mine (I really liked everyone else's way better than mine!) and one other that I will share later.  It rained today and so I took the tags to work to photograph during my lunch period.  I like the other tag so much that I want to make it for my coworkers and so I had to leave it home or I'd ruin their surprise!

Happy Wednesday!

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