Saturday, March 31, 2012

box full of cherries

Oooo a cheery cherry gift set to show off to y'all today!  This was SO much fun to make.  I know I'll be making a few more soon. :)
The box itself (tut here) is made from Bazzill red cardstock and the dp paper is from the uber yummy Konnichiwa line from Basic Grey.  It was hard to think about cutting it up to use 'cause its just sooooo pretty!  Then I realized that having it sit in a box was a complete waste of its lusciousness, so I held my breath and started cutting.
There was still some paper left and the cards were yet to be created to go in the I had to put on my big girl britches and use the rest on the cards.  This is a gift, so its worth it.  I mean when you can enough to send the very best... :)
This whole set is going to a teacher friend from another school who helped out with the set up of a new program.  Sparing y'all with all the boring deets, she saved use HOURS and HOURS of work.  This little set was the least I could do!
The cards that went in the box have to be fairly flat in order to fit them and the envies.  Do you have any idea how hard that is these days?!?!  No foam, no big bows, no nutin'.  Texture made up for some of the flatness and the cheery cherry factor helped me move past the flat flattiness. :)  Hope she likes this.  One of my teacher roommates is giving this box 'o cherries this weekend.  Can't wait to hear what she thinks!

I'm off to get a baked french toast casserole ready for dinner tonight.  We are hosting some of my DH's coworkers and our theme is "Breakfast for Dinner"- french toast, hash brown egg baskets, fruit cup with sherbet, and spiral ham.  They are engineers so this dinner concept may rock their world. LOL!

Any yummy plans in your weekend?

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

PTI March Hop & May the odds...

be ever in your favor!  I'm getting in just under the wire for this PTI Hop, so I guess the odds are in my favor for something. :)  I spent this past week reading all 3 Hunger Games books with the idea I would treat myself to the first movie today.  Alas, I also told myself I had to get my report cards at least 90% completed and my 3 papers for class written before I could let myself go.  Didn't quite get it all done in time for the movie, but there's always next weekend.  Frankly I'm a little emotionally exhausted from the books right now anyway.  But I digress...
The good news is that I used the rest of my late afternoon to make a mini album with pockets to treat myself and was able to play along for a change!  The whole album has 8 pockets/pages and they measure about 4" X 3".   Sorry this pick is so iffy.  My battery died just after I took this shot.  The True Death kind of died.  Couldn't get the camera to do squat after this shot.  I'm hoping to be able to revive it charging overnight.  We'll see.
4 of the pockets have yellow tags topped with mini tabs stamped in aqua. :)  Thought this would be a fun little birthday album.  These are so much fun to make I may see if I can find a way to teach how to make this in on of the classrooms I work with at school.  Maybe as a summer goals mini or something.
This is the whole kit 'n caboodle tied up with a bow.  The cupcake is from the PTI Baby Button Bits set and was the first stamp that came to mind when I saw this...
challenge inspiration photo.  Hope you all are having fun with the Hop.  I hope to post a few more of these minis later in the week- with more inside shots.  By then all those report cards will be completely done, my next 2 papers should be done, and possibly I have tickets to The Hunger Games.  :)  Of course I will probably have gotten myself addicted to another series of books that I must then quickly devour!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Peppermint Roses

As promised- Peppermint Roses!  I've mentioned in the past how much my husbands family adores peppermint ice cream.  Until I met him I had no idea that flavor existed- I'm a cookie dough and sherbert gal myself- when I'm not eating my Ahboo's favorite concoction of half an old fashioned doughnut toasted and topped with coffee ice cream and maple syrup.  Come to think of it, I should assemble that a load to my Pinterest Yum board!!! But I digress...
Fritz, my faithful glove reindeer, is playing Vanna for this post.  His story can be found here. :)
The kraft tags are embellished with roses and buttons from this kit.  The ornament stamp is from PTI  Ooo, can't you see these on a package with a beautiful red ribbon!!!
The tags are edged with red ink and the roses are edged with silver Stickles.  Basically I stick globs of it on my finger and "paint" the edges.  Reminds me of the fun of finger painting- with the results I really wanted as a kid. :P
The splatter distressing was created using some SU stamps I got from one of the school secretaries at my school.  I am ashamed to say I haven't made her any goodies to thank her yet.  Maybe I should make her a set of tags?  What do y'all think?
The scallops and snowflake used dies from MFT and the other embellies came from this Paper Bakery kit.  The same one I used to make this.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Coffee- Retro Style

After all the teasers, I'm finally getting this post up showing the cards I made using the January Kit I got at my LSS. The image is from Impression Obsession, the card base is Memory Box, and the copics are...
This time the image didn't need quite so many markers, but the coloring was tricky with all those sections of swirls.  The unmarked brown one is E57 and the Spica is brown.
Thought this had a mid-century vibe to it all.  Not quite the vibrant color palette of these cards, I'm thinking of boxing these up kinda like these 'cause the cards are too big for a fry box.  Guess I'll have to figure out how to make a bigger fry box. :)
Teaser time- Got some peppermint roses to share with you on Thursday. ;)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Coupla Ornaments

Got a couple more Christmas cards completed.  I haven't used this stamp in ages and I have no idea why not!  It's super fun and easy to play with- especially when it comes to adding glitter. :)
The papers were all cut for another long forgotten project.  Guess it was kismet that I used a forgotten stamp then huh! 
So these are a couple cards I got mostly done at the Craft In a couple weeks ago.   They aren't from the kit.  I'm a little blocked getting that stuff finished.  The weather is SO DISTRACTING.  It's been so nice out.  I'm just like my 6 year-old students with Springitis. :P

Maybe I get a chair out and color on the deck after school today. :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Calorie Free & Calorie Full

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Oh it's been a fun crafty week!!!  This is gonna be a pic heavy post- so grab your cuppa and settle in for a good time. :)  I've got another fun calorie free treat a la those cupcakes from the other day, answers to the scallop recipe I prefer to use, and a great yummy snack that is far from calorie free!
I've put far too much pressure on myself lately to color all my images, or paper-piece everything I create.  The other night I had an Ah-ha moment and said stop!  This scribble technique, as I call it- very technical term ya know, was one I hadn't got around to trying.  'Til yesterday.  LOVE IT!
I ended up making a set of cards to put into a fry box that I brought over as a hostess gift last night.  Friends of ours host a St. Patty party every year- with a limerick contest which is always a huge hit. :)  Truly I had a hard time parting with this set of cards.  They are such happy colors!!!  The card base is Amuse, the dp's are Imaginesence and BG, the image is Memory Box, and the copics are BG18, BG11, YG95, W2, R20, R24- the birds have a little SPica sparkle on them too. :)
Calorie free treat time!  I had made the fry box, along with 2 others, back around Valentines Day.  Classes and school kinda put those boxes to the bottom of the queue.  So glad that happened!  That was back before I was making rolled roses and this rose looks so stinkin' cute on this box.  (Shamefully tooting own horn)  Pretty much these are the only thing I have coming out of a fry box that won't go to my hips. LOL!
Calorie full treat time!  This is totally worth it.  I'm not a candy popcorn fan, but this stuff is great.  DH and I worked together to create this.  Mostly cause his is a popcorn fiend so he was in charge of getting the corn popped and stirring as it all got mixed.  We ended up making two batches because the first batch called for baking soda and when that got added to the sugar sauce it burned.  (the house still smells like scorched sugar)  For the second batch I found a different recipe that didn't call for baking soda and it ROCKED.  It's really for making popcorn balls, but it worked for just candy popcorn too.  I added green sugar sprinkles as DH was coating the corn.  Gotta have some sparkle in my food too. :)
This was the basket we brought (the corn got covered 'til we got there).  In the future I'd love to try  this or this, in a different color palette, for Easter.

Scallops- I couldn't find the exact recipe I use, but basically this is what I do.  The sauce that is left in the pan I use as the dressing for the greens.  My DFIL makes AWESOME scallops on the grill.  I'll get the deets from him and share with y'all I promise. :)
Don't worry, I didn't forget about my promise to post the rest of the pictures from this project.  Depending on how distracted I get with the fantastic weather we are supposed to have today, I may get the pics done and ready to post on Tuesday!  I have some more rolled roses coming tomorrow...

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Happy Sunday!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hi Ya Cupcake!

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Oh my has it been glorious weather-wise this week!  I'm sure we will pay for it later, but gosh right now it is so amazing to be wearing capri pants in March.  The last time I was able to do that was when I was living outside Clemson, South Carolina!
It smelled just like a summer evening yesterday and it made me think about dinner the other night.  Thought I would share this pick of what we had.  :)  Scallops, fresh garden salad, and warm bread sticks.  Yum!  I wish I had made the scallops on the grill or stove-top.  I tried a new recipe broiling them in the oven.  Not bad, but I like the edges crispy- same as a toasted marshmallow LOL!  Next time back to the stove-top for me.  What do you most like to eat when the weather gets nice?
For dessert- calorie free cupcakes!!!  These little darlings are the only kind of fat-free cupcake I am willing to look at.  (hee-hee)  Would you believe that these were made with winter themed paper?!?  The different pattern papers were cut into 1 inch strips and then I played around with placing them in different order on each card to spice it up.  The scallop is edging stickers from the same set as the pattern paper, the card bases are from Memory Box, and the yummy cupcake is from the "everyday button bits" set by Papertrey Ink.
Here's a sneak peek at another project I am working on- and I have some more rolled roses projects in the works too!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wait 5 Minutes

It's been a roller-coaster weather week here in New England.  Cold, warm, hot-ish, then snow!  Looks like this week will be another repeat of the temp swings.  That's New England for you.  Don't like the weather?  Wait 5 minutes.  It'll change. ;)
I'm happy to say that despite the lack of snow, many of my daffy girls survived and are beginning to pop out.  I got so excited seeing my girls, that I got out all my Easter/spring decor and starting freshening up the house.  Bye-bye snowmen.  See you next year.  Hello bunnies, chicks, and ceramic eggs! :)
These are a couple cards I made using some paper from the Christmas/December kit believe it or not.  The color combo was clearly inspired by the approach of spring though. :)  The "to" tags are a cute way to personalize the card when I get around to sending thank yous next year.  I'm at least adding the one with the snowflake border to the Christmas stash.  The other one could be used whenever.  Love that!
I did get a bunch done at the craft in, but not as much done as I wanted. :(  .  Here's a teaser at an upcoming post!  It looks like I will have to have my own one woman craft in for April.  I waited too long to sign-up and now I'm wait listed, but at least I am the first one on the list if someone cancels. :)