Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bouquets Revisited

All this week I have been posting projects that used a daisies & roses bouquet from Lockhart stamps.  Today I'm posting links to all of this weeks posts ALONG with all the posts I found using this stamps from all the way back to the beginning of this blog!  Enjoy! :)

Happy Bouquets

Hello Bouquet

Little Bouquet




Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Little Bouquet

This whole week I have been posting projects created using this Lockhart bouquet. I wanted to see how many creations I've made over the years, so this week I posted 3 new projects and tomorrow I will post links to ALL the creations since the beginning of my blog.  I'm hoping it inspires you to see what you can make with goodies from your stash.

This is the only pic I had the chance to get of this card before it got sent off, but I think you get the happy lots of color & pattern vibe from this single shot (I hope- since it is all I've got!). ;-)

Be sure to come back tomorrow to see how many versions of this bouquet have been made over the years!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Hello Bouquet

Good Morning!  Welcome to Day 2 of my Bouquets of Inspiration!  This week I have decided to dedicate to posting projects I made using this Lockhart bouquet.  As it turns out, this stamp is quite a go-to for me.  Looking at how I have used it recently had me also looking back to see what I have done with it in the past.  Thursday I will post pics & links to all of this weeks projects AND all the projects using this stamp that I have posted the beginning of this blog.  What????  Make sure to stop by again tomorrow to see another new project and again on Thursday to see the whole evolution. :-)

I'm a big fan of warm colors, especially when it has been cold outside.  The vibrant reds, golden yellows and toasty cocoa brown make me feel not so chilly.  This creation was made a few weeks back when the temps were not so conducive to having flowers pop up in the garden! 

I'm trying to get better at using sequins on my cards.  I really am drawn to the cards other folks make using sequins, but I always seem to have a hard time committing to adding them.  This is the rare card where I have used sequins and am pleased with the outcome. Yay!  Most of the time I am playing with the sequins in their cups instead.  I LOVE bling, I just spend too much time second guessing if I have used enough/need to add more.  Such problems to have right? ;-)

What is your trickiest challenge when making cards???

Don't forget to stop by to see more ideas tomorrow and Thursday!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Happy Bouquets

Well it is almost May already!!!!!  Where does the time go?  May has me really thinking flowers.  After all, April showers bring May flowers. :)

This image is one of my favorite images and it gave me an idea to see how many times I have posted creations made with this image over the years.  So, this week I will share two more projects with this bouquet and then on Thursday I'll post links to all of this weeks goodies and ALL the goodies from ALL the years!

These two cards used some bits from other projects, some Mister Huey, an Amuse sentiment and this gorgeous Lockhart bouquet image.

For this, I'm purposely not sharing the colors I used to color the flowers.  I want you to see the bouquets in all the other posts and be inspired to pull out the colors (and coloring mediums) that excite you!

Stay tuned!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

A Flotilla

I have a flotilla for you today!  The MFT boat die was calling my name AND I needed to make at least one baby card for an upcoming shower.  If you are going to cut one boat, you might as well cut a flotilla!

Played around using my scraps of papers & twine.  This was a good excuse to clean my table from remnants of projects past. :)

These cards also gave me the chance to use my new stamps from Right At Home Scrapbooking.  Not sure the name of this set, when I checked the packaging there wasn't a name.  It go them hot off the press I guess!!!

I've been having fun playing with sequins too.  Sometimes sequins and other bling can be a real lifesaver- pun intended!  The blue sequin under the "c" is hiding a slight smudge of ink I had transferred from my hand.  Shhh- don't tell anyone. ;-)

I made the sails match on these three, but I have the bits and pieces left to make some with two different sails.  Hopefully I'll get some time this weekend to play around making a few more of these cuties!

I have had this "@" flair for ages and I am so glad I saved it!  It is SO prefect for this card!  Babies are such a blessing and this is a fun way to express it on a card.  Eek!  It just makes me happy.  This might be the one I send.  But I love them all.  Ugh, such tough decisions on a Thursday! :-)

What are your Thursday plans? I may need to add a "warm weather dance" to the agenda.  I'm already sick of cold weather, rain, & snow.  I need spring!!!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Playing with Ink

A cute duo to share today.  Really tickled with this set!  I used lots of goodies for these fairly simple cards.  Dies, dew drops, Copics, washi tape, two different stamp sets, 2 colors of Mister Huey, oh yeah and some paper.  Hee-hee!

The dew drops, stamps, and washi are easy to spot.  Where did I use the Copic marker?  Well, the b/w rose paper wasn't colorful enough for me.  It came in a kit from a kit club I am a part of and I thought it was a little meh.  I never would have bought it if I wasn't in the kit and thank goodness it was!!!! It gave me a chance to play around and have a "make it work" moment.  I circled the rose blooms with a W-2 Copic marker in a scribble sorta fashion.  Then I used a small circle punch to make a few masks for the blooms.  While it was all masked I sprayed some Mister Huey and waited for everything to dry.  Presto blamo I had a newly colorful patterned paper to use.

Than wasn't the only place I used the Mister Huey though.  The polkas dot paper had "drops" of pink on it, but the two parts I had cut didn't both have pink.  Solution- add a few flecks to the card on the left and now they look more like a set.  I thought I was going to gift the duo and that is why I originally matched them to each other, but then I ended up needing to break up the set.  I'm glad I played around with the sprays regardless, cause these look so light a fun!


Saturday, April 2, 2016

Spring has to be coming! Right??

It has been a weather rollercoaster here in New England these last couple of weeks and there is no chance of it slowing down any time soon!  We get a couple of days of mid 60's to 70's, then the bottom drops out and we get rain and freezing temps.  After horrible March winds (can you say out like a RAM instead of LAMB?!?!) and flip-flop weather, we are getting a few inches of snow tonight!!! What???????

In an effort to bring sunshine and warmth, I'm sharing this little set I made.  I dug into the washi tape and ribbon roses I was hoarding had in my stash and a set of stamps that needed a little love.

The leaf is an MFT die.  I lurve using it with these roses, especially when I can use a wacky color!  The yellow pops even more thanks to the navy polkas dot leaf. ;-)

The sentiments are stamped on bits of oaktag leftover from another project.  I made another set using this basic sketch, but with different colors.  I can't decide if I want to keep the set together or make two more with other color combos and break the cards into 4 variety sets.  We'll see how motivated I get this weekend I guess!