Tuesday, March 25, 2014


If I was more on the ball there would be actual bunnies in with these pics.  One of my coworkers raises a whole farm load of creatures and brings them in to school for her students to learn about.  She has the sweetest rabbits among her menagerie.  Alas, you must settle for my paper version of cuteness. :)

All my bunnies and papers came from my LSS which closed its doors this weekend.  I thought it might be fun to play with all the goodies I bought during their final sales.  My DH is amused that I chose to sit on the floor of the living room to die cut lots of "wabbits".

The reason he is amused is the reason I have been sitting on the floor in the living room.  You see it is the best chance for me to spot the pair of red-tailed hawks that are nesting in our backyard.  I've spotted the male and the female in our yard.  It would be hard to miss the female- she's massive!  I had to google hawks because I thought she was too big to be a hawk.  They are totally gorgeous, but they have scared away my songbirds. :(

So anyway, DH thinks it is funny that I am making paper rabbit goodies while looking for hawks.  :} I figure at some point the hawks will grown bored with my side of the pond, especially when the ice finally thaws and they can get at the fish so I'm taking advantage of their "up closeness" while I can.  After all how many times will I have them about 10 feet away from me?  How often will I want them that close?!?  Maybe they are interested in paper bunnies after all...

Enjoy your Tuesday & if you see Spring tell her to come to visit me!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

40 Days and Counting

Only 40 days to go until we open our cottage in Maine!  Yahooey!!!  Of course we will probably still need to shovel to get in the door.  LOL!  Last we heard it was still pretty white on the ground up there.  There is a rumor that some of our relatives still have their Christmas decorations up because "it still looks like Christmas outside, so we might as well leave up the d├ęcor".  :P

Seemed like a good time to share this card.  I've got warm beach days on my mind. :)  This lighthouse is a workhorse stamp for me.  It's great for guy cards and birthday cards, and it makes for a thoughtful image on sympathy cards.  Friends and I made a bazillion Save-the-Date cards a few years back for a gal pal.

This creation is on its way to Florida.  Where it is 82 as of the typing of this post.  I'd do just about anything to feel 62 degrees right now.  Heck 52 for a couple days in a row would be joyful!  Ah well, pretty soon it'll be stinkin' hot and we'll all forget we were ever cold.  LOL!

I'm off to bid farewell to friends at Ink About It.  The shop will shutter after a big gathering.  *sniff, sniff*  If you are a fan and want to get updates about future classes that instructors are planning in the area, please email me and I'll get you an invite to the FB page.  A bunch of us instructor folk are coordinating some fun events for peeps. :)

Friday, March 21, 2014

Hello Spring!

Hello Spring!!!  I'm so glad you finally arrived!  How long are you staying?  Please stay longer than last year.  Summer came and ran you out of town with all her stinkin' hot days after you had only been here a coupla weeks!

This is another one of the cards I made for the GYB giveaway.  All the cards have birthday greetings inside, but I thought this one could work for any kind of fun time.  Like for no other reason than to say "Hello". :)

Who will you send a random "Hello" to today?  That person that just popped into your head?  I hope so, you know that it will bring a smile to their face and to yours.  Go get that card mailed! :D

Monday, March 17, 2014

Oh Fun!

This card was originally intended to be a birthday card, but after seeing the weather in DC it seemed appropriate. :)  I'm sure that those weren't the words expressed by many this morning when looking at 10 inches of snow.  I'll admit that up here in MA we were all breathing a sign of relief.  Hard to believe that we are on the tail end of "the ides of March" and still looking at snow 'n ice.

This was an uber fun card to create because I got such a deal on the goods!  Most of the papers were from a kit I had full of BG papers and this luscious OH, FUN! chipboard sentiment.  The great deal were the pearls.  They were in a grab bag of blingy leftovers that I scooped up for $2.  Mixed feelings about that steal.  Glad to get a TON of bling for cheap, but sad because it was due to the fact that my local store is closing.  *sniff, sniff*  The last hurrah will be on Saturday. :(

I shall not let this post become a sad one though!  The closing of my favorite store and the dreadful weather will be used as a focus to reinvigorate my 50 projects challenge.  No buying anything new until I get 50 projects completed!!! (or I get distracted by something pretty on the internet. LOL!)

Stay Warm!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sunshine Equals Happiness

Oh it is soooo true!  Sunshine can really equal happiness, especially when it bring weather that is in the high 50's. :)  A retired coworker friend and I enjoyed a long visit today.  The teahouse we were going to nosh at wasn't quite ready for us- and that was great!  We were able to enjoy sitting on a sunny bench outside while we waited for our table.  Nothing like a dose of Vitamin D with a friend!!

It will be short lived around here though.  We are do for a flash freeze late tomorrow night and snow into Thursday morning.  Oh well.  Such is life in New England.  If the weather was the same all the time, we wouldn't appreciate the spring blooms, summer beach days, crisp apple cider autumn days, and cozy fireside cocoa winter nights. Of course I'm not opposed to spending a year in St. John's USVI where every day is sunny and 80 and every night is starry and 72, purely for scientific purposes you know. ;D

This is one of the cards I made for the GYB giveaway.  It's all due to be posted at the end of this week.  More peeks to come (and hopefully more sunny days too!)

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Thankful Duo

Happy Sunday!  I can actually say that it is a "sun" day today too!  Pretty rays of sunshiny goodness have been peeking out and are much more welcome than the storm that had originally been predicted for today.
I thought I would share a couple of thank you cards I sent out this week.  This one went to B over in London. (You are probably seeing this before you even get it B!)  It had a couple of flat things in it we thought she could use more than us. :)  I liked that the postcard looked like airmail and also had a seastar- B's last stateside addy was Maine.  I'm also jealous that she has flowers blooming in London!  Before long it will look like the background paper over there!!!
This is a card we sent to the gal who took care of Cad's cremation.  I tried to color it a bit to look like him, which wasn't easy since he was a little bit of every color. :)  We are going to spread some of the ashes at the ocean, when it gets warmer, and DH is building a box for the rest.  They came in a heart shaped box and I thought putting that in one of DH's boxes would be nice.
I am busy in my studio whipping up some new goodies for the GYB winner & for my Etsy Shoppe.  If the sun keeps shining, I may even get pictures of them! :)  I'm off to eat lunch and catch up on the last 2 episodes of Downton before anyone spoilers happen to me- I've gotta say I've been pretty lucky so far.
Have a sunny Sunday!