Thursday, January 7, 2016

Nuts & Bolts Love

Thought I would share another version of my Valentine Card Kits.  This time I have a robot version!  My hubby likes this one because it combines a corny saying with an engineering-ish image. ;-)

This creation was something I had thought about putting together, but hadn't gotten around to it until I had an Etsy customer request something more boy-ish.  Have I mentioned how much I really do adore my Etsy customers?!?!  They really are an inspiring group! The deadlines they create don't hurt my productivity either. LOL!  Am I the only one who actually likes deadlines?

These are flat front valentines which is great for production, but stressful when you have to stamp the sentiments in two separate steps.  Lots of room for an "oops"!

Hope this has inspired you to play Cupid with some cards this Valentine's Day!  What are you going to create?  Please share it with me.  I'd love to see what you make!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Happy Valentine's Cupcake

I was scrolling through my blog and don't think I ever shared these!  This is one of the kits that kept me busy last winter.  Which wasn't a bad thing considering how much snow we got and how many snow days I had last year!

These went all over.  California for a tea party, Pennsylvania for a 2nd graders valentines, Texas, and a bunch of other places I am forgetting right now.  One gal used the watercolor version to make cards for her coworkers.  Love my Etsy customers!  I wouldn't have thought anyone but kids would like these and I'm so happy to find out how wrong I was!!

Two options for the DIY Cupcake Valentine Kits are just cupcakes to make, but two versions also include 2 teacher cards that I make with big layered cupcakes.  Anywho, thanks for taking a peek at another valentine throwback!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Happy New Year!!!  Thought I'd pop in and serve up a couple valentines with a cutie corgi chaser.  I made these last winter and never managed to share them because of all the valentine kit orders.  Totally not complaining about being swamped with orders!  It was awesome that so many people liked them!!!!  I made several versions of this card, but I only just got around to loading them in my Etsy Shop recently.

I used a wicked old SU stamp that I borrowed from a crafty friend for the "love" and the heart balloon is from a balloon set by Amuse (I can direct you to an Amuse rep if you like this balloon- I think they still sell it.). The inside, which I forgot to photograph- ugh, read Happy Valentine's Day and was a Curious Cupid gift ages ago. (FYI- Curious Cupid is a valentine version of Secret Santa & is LOADS of fun at a much less hectic time of the year!).

Speaking of hectic times... Here is a pic of Cida waiting for Santa.  He has been doing really great with almost all of his commands though "come" seems to be optional in his puppy brain still. LOL!  We traveled to see family at Christmas and they all remarked about how much he has "grown up" since last year.  He looks more dog that puppy already!!!!

Speaking of corgi dogs, someone is hitting the back door looking for a chance to get outside.  Guess I gotta head out.  See y'all soon!