Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Paperchase Baby!

DH and I were able to go to London over my break (I always hear Joey from Friends saying "London Baby" when I talk about London). It was a much needed distraction after losing Cad since we got to visit some friends that reside there and, most importantly, our "baby" cousin who is living in London this year. We had planned the trip ages ago so we could visit B. She's spending her Junior year of college at studying at SOAS and doing and internship at Parliament. She's also an awesome enabler of papery goodness fun. :)

Our "must-do" list from B blissfully included the store Paperchase (she is The Best!).  It is a chain over there and is similar to the Paper Source stores we have here in The States.  I took a bazillion pictures, but tried to narrow it down to just a few that inspired me.  I'll have to take pics of what I bought- and then of course make goodies with that stuff too. :)

The ribbon was just sooooo pretty to look at that I had to take pictures.  Well and then that meant I HAD to buy some. ;)
The papers were sooo pretty too!  This one is made of a ton of cut stars.  If I could have gotten it home without ruining it, it would be sitting in front of me right now. LOL!

 Well, I think I'll head to my studio to create something.  I have no excuse not to after all this inspiration!!!

Oooo, I almost forgot!  I won a Grow Your Blog Giveaway over at Amybeads.  Why does this matter you ask? *wink*  As it turns out, Amy and I are neighbors!  Who knew?  We are hoping to meet up next week.  If I remember, I'll try to take pics.  Then I'll have to remember to post them! LOL!

Have a cozy evening!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Grow Your Blog Winner- a Tad Delayed

Sorry for the delay. With the loss of Cad, and some travel, I forgot to post the winner from the Grow Your Blog party. Have no fear, a number was drawn and a name chosen...








Congratulations Terri!  Let me know what kind of  cards you would like in your box of 10. :)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Goodbye to my Faithful Cad

Dear Readers, it is with the heaviest of hearts that I share our loss with all of you.  My furry little brother has lost his battle with DM and crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday afternoon.  Over the last 2 years we have been so blessed to have had the well wishes from all of you.  We met the most talented and thoughtful people because of Cad and because of his illness.  People in animal healthcare and amazing bloggy friends, all of who helped us throughout these last couple years.  We thought would we would give special praise to the fantastic folks who treated Cad.

Cad relaxing post surgery- he loved to sleep "like a human"

The support we had from our vets Dr. Gould, Dr. Manley, and the entire crew at Apple Country Animal Hospital.  My frantic last minute calls when I would realize we were running low on his meds and were on our way out of town with him.  During all Cads time at Tufts, they would call and check on us humans to see how we were holding up.  They were so good at offering practical advice and willing to research anything to help all our pets, especially Cad.  Gosh those folks have been so wonderful to us!!

Cad getting ready to work in the tank at Paws in Motion

The amazing team headed by Dr. Suzy Starr at Paws in Motion was vital in his recovery after his disc rupture and continued to be instrumental in keeping him independent for as long as possible.  Cad LOVED Suzy, sometimes more than us! :)  She gave him all kinds of doggie "junk food", which he adored.  Cad was a huge foodie.  Back in his prime, and before we knew better, we fed him 2 cups of dry kibble which he could down in 1 minute flat.  Towards the end he got picky and wanted only canned food so we spoiled him with lots of different kinds of gourmet treats and cans of fancy grain-free organic food.  He was sooooo loyal he really deserved all the spoiling. :)

Cad on Wells Beach 2013
The folks at Eddies Wheels who made his beach-ready wheelchair so he could enjoy his last season at the beach.  Man that corgi was gaga for beach walks and chasing seabirds of all kinds.  One of the funniest memories we have of Cad is the first time we took him to the beach.  He and I went all the way to the waters edge.  This is Maine water mind you so it is cold, even in the summer, and this was early spring I think.  Well, the water came up and just barely hit his feet.  I started to run back and he froze.  I think it was so cold he didn't know what to do. It wasn't dangerous water and he was leashed, don't worry.  I turned and said "come on" and, after he snapped out of the shock, took off far from the water.  He was always cautious about the water after that. :) 
"Fat" Cad before we put him on a diet- we really didn't realize how fat he had gotten!! circa 2006
We never could have imagined when Cad came to us after my mom passed away, how much he would change our lives.  I've had many, many pets in my life, but as cautious & shy as he was, Cad was responsible for having introduced us to so many human friends.  Amazing people who touch so many others with their gifts.  The impact he had will long outlive him. 
Cad chillin' in Maine pre-disc rupture circa 2009

We take comfort in the thought that he and Mom will have a happy reunion.   Now they can take endless beach walks, cuddle together on the sofa, and keep an eye on us from above. :)
 Cad Christmas 2013
Cad lived with us longer than he did with my mom (he was 14- would have been 15 this spring!), but I always considered him my "little brother".  He was always one who had to have the last bark.  LOL!  When we would talk to him and he didn't like what we said he would always give a "humph" snort, or a quick bark.  When he got too sassy, I'd usually sass back with "Mom said you were adopted" or "Mom liked me best"- which would involve another sassy bark from him. *smile*.  He really was an amazing dog.  Cad was super smart and knew a ridiculous number of words, luckily he never got to know how to spell since we ended up having to spell MANY words around him.  A great protector, though mostly barking from behind my leg unless it really counted.
Cad showing off his wheels June 2013

This is the first time in our 13 years together that we are without any furry friends in the house.  Even though the house is already too quiet, we talked about it and decided we would wait a bit before bringing home another friend. 
I'm going to take a little break from blogging for the next week or so.  I'll be back, don't worry.  I'll still hop around and see what all of you are up to, but I need a little time.  Until then, Tom and I want to say thanks again to all of you for your kindness.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Amuse-ing Items

I played around with some tags and old Amuse stamps and came up with these "Heart Throb" tags.  There is something very Zen about coloring tiny "stuff", for me at least.

This is another one of those stamps I've had forever, but can't remember ever using!!!  I'm glad I funny inked it up.  This guy is soooo much fun to color!!!!

What fun things have you done today?


Friday, February 7, 2014

Going Golfing (on Paper Anyway)

Happy Friday Everyone!  I've been meaning to share some pics of the golf cart birthday cards I made a week back.  150 cards.  Yup!  150!!!

I was so excited when I finished that I forgot to get pics of them all on spread out on the table.  Ugh!  At least I remembered before I packaged them up for delivery. :)

Pretty much most all of them are different.  If they used the same papers I tried to change the layout a little or add a different colored golf cart.

These happy little carts headed down to Miami to be gifted to the many folks working at a chain of golf cart stores. :)  Lucky carts!  Warm weather (well sorta these days) and palm trees.  Living the life. :)

I hope the recipients of these paper carts smile when they open their envelopes.  The carts all made me smile. Especially when they were all finished. :)

Well all of you who are in a region like me that is cold right now, just think in about 60-70 days it will be (hopefully) the beginning of golfing weather!!!

Have a great Friday!!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Here Comes the Sun!

I'm in denial about the snow. Really though I can't complain. Last winter was WAAAAAAY worse with snow and truth be said, I kinda like looking at it.  It does make the backyard pretty. But I digress...

Sunny sunflower time!  I'm happy to once again say that this is a "two bird" card.  The goods are all from the scraps stash (number 5 in my 50 projects challenge) and it's a birthday card for my friend!

I've only been late on a couple cards since September.  Yaayyy!  All the anniversary celebrants and birthday peeps have gotten some happy mail in their mailbox, which is huge for me.  I'm terrible at remembering birthdays unless it is 2 months ahead, or 1 day behind!!!  (None of you ever have that problem do you?)  Thank heavens for FB and iPhone reminders!  Between the 2 they remind me to get my toukas in gear and get cards done. :)  This is going to go out to a gal I used to work with and just caught up with again recently. 

So here's a challenge for you!  Send a note to that someone you haven't talked to in a while.  It'll make both of you smile. :)

Have a sunny day!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl Class Highlights

Some folks get hyped for some football game or something today. *wink* At my LSS we get hyped for the Super Bowl Craft In! It is an all day 4 classes, 4 instructors, 4 projects, prizes, and lunch crafting bonanza.  I was the 4th quarter "coach" and my team of 15 made these cupcake cards.

The cards needed to be simple since these gals had been crafting since 10 am and when I got them it was 1:45 pm.  To make things easier all the items were punched, cut, & stamped so they could cut, color, and glue. :)

The samples were out for them to copy, but I encouraged them to do whatever moved them as far as "frosting" and sentiments.

The paper was all double-sided, which worked well if anyone wanted the cards to be mostly valentine-y, or more all occasion.  I think folks were pleased because they got to end with a low-key set of cards & could shop/chit-chat for the last little bit. :)

Hope you are having an awesome Super Bowl Sunday!  I can't wait to see all the commercials (they are my fav part no matter who is playing).