Monday, December 21, 2015

December Chill

Morning Peeps!  I've got a snowy Victorian to share with you today.  If only our place had this lovely dusting of snow on it right now.  Latest forecast for Christmas in New England will have us in the 60's on the big day.  I hear some of our friends in Virginia may hit 70!!! Crazy!

This little love was made using Amuse stamps and apparently I had stamped and Stickled this image a while ago.  When I was digging through all my Christmas stash I discovered this image and all the cut parts ready to go.  Yay!  All I needed to do was add the bakers twine and black wash tape. Sweet!

Have you had any paper crafting "miracles" this season?

Friday, December 18, 2015

Wishing Peace

Thought I'd pop in and share a quartet of Christmas cards I made to send out this year.  I'm tickled with these (and most of my stash) because I used oodles of goods from my hoard stash!  These cards use a stamp I've never used before from a set from PTI. 

The little aqua doilies were a treat from a crafty friend.  They were the super-perfect extra touch of pop for these.  I'm gonna have to get more of these!!!!!!

I'll be lucky if these make it in mailboxes before Christmas.  We haven't started writing, signing, or addressing any them yet.  I ran into a friend when I was out running errands today and we both agree that Friday Christmas' are not our favorite.  Feels like it makes things more rushed because we have only this weekend to get things finished.  Oh well.  I guess that means that what gets done, gets done and what doesn't get done wasn't that important to begin with- right?

Have a good final-weekend-before-the-big-day!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Take some fries with that

Just a quick post today.  I always forget how busy it is this time of the year!!! Last week I had a pop-up fair at a friends house, then over the weekend I had a booth at a craft fair in Quincy, this weekend we are hosting a work party, and I'm terrible behind getting my Christmas cards made- never mind signed & mailed--EEEKKKK! 

It'll all work out though.  It always does. :) The treat I'm sharing today is a fun, quick, easy stocking stuffer.  I made a bunch of them.  These went home with one of my classroom roomie (hence the wacky photo taken with my phone at work). I need to make 1 more to complete an order for another co-worker.  I dug into my stash of cut papers, stickers, and embellishments to jazz up the kraft French fry boxes. Then I filled them with mini chocolates in a cello bag.  Tied ribbon, sparkly yarn, or twine on all of them.  Easy-peasy!

Guess I should get off the internet and work on cards huh.  Gonna go see what Christmas movies are on TV or on demand.  Might help me get my tushie in gear! ;-)

Friday, December 4, 2015

A Pink Thanksgiving

Thought I'd share a few pics from Thanksgiving while I procrastinate on getting other things done! ;-) It also gives me a chance to play around with my new camera.  I'm loving how great my pics came out.  No editing for exposure issues!

We go up to my SIL's place for Thanksgiving and my nephews always make fun Lego centerpieces.  This year we were treated to a family feast and a ship.

Tom, Cida, and I are displayed here.  I forgot to get the house try built for us too.  Poor Tom looks mean!

Always worry when kids and dogs get quiet.  Watcha' doin' up there Cida?????

Why a "pink" thanksgiving??? Well, there is always pink because my SIL inherited the pink depression glass (Rose is her middle name, so these glasses are a sweet fit).

There's the pink sherbet that tops the fruit cup at the start of the feast.  Y-U-M!

There's the jello that looked neon hot pink on my nephews camera.  It was kinda funny how bright it looked when we were checking out his pics.

The main reason that this Thanksgiving was truly pink were these potatoes.  Yuper, those are mashed potatoes.  Pink. Mashed. Potatoes.  LOL! Very good friends of my BIL and SIL have a farm and these potatoes were in the latest farm share.  I think it was mentioned that they were an heirloom kind, but I don't think anyone caught the name.  They were the regular size, if a bit purpley-pink when peeled (I didn't see the pre-peeled version), but once mashed they looked like frosting.  They made for quite the conversation piece at dinner!  My favorite quote of the night was from my SIL.  I think it went something like "I can't taste them.  The color is too loud.". Hee-here!

After all the adventures, Cida was ready to chill.  He managed to wrap himself up in his wubby and wander around the house like a corgi burrito.

Guess I should go get some stuff finished.  I have a craft fair tomorrow in Quincy at The Woodward School.  If you are in the area, stop by!  It is a great fair with lots of really wonderful vendors and goods!!!