Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rose Tags Part 2

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More roses!  These are a few more that are mostly finished.  Man they are addictive to make and addictive to play with on all sorts of things!  So far I have put them on tags, but I have a couple more ideas of how I want to use these lovelies. :)
Some of these roses have are made from the same black and white BG paper that I played around with and added some paint, ink, and Stickles.  Gosh I love me some sparkle!!!
Some of the roses are "crushed" making them look more old fashioned, but some I liked just the way they are without the smoosh.   See how I am using up my chipboard too- more room in the stash means I will be able to add some of the new CHA goodies.  I have a self-imposed ban on buying, but maybe if I get enough done this Friday I will lift it just a smidge. :)
I haven't decided what I want to use for tying.  Twine?  Cotton thread?  Ribbon?  What do y'all think

Monday, February 27, 2012

Posting Presents

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Fun couple of hostess type gifts to share today.  I used my December Kit Club kit to make these.  I've almost used it all up! :)
These are a couple of sticky-note notepads with covers.  They are fun to make and help me be prepared when I need to have a little something on hand during the Christmas season- although these could be used all winter long since they are fairly secular.
Here's a full shot of both.  Add pens, tissue, gift bags, and go!  I'm headed back to school today.  Gonna be hard on all of us to get back into the groove after such a beautiful and relaxing week. :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Krafty Christmas Trio

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Such a productive week it has been!  I'm giddy with all the things I got accomplished.  It's rewarding to actually be able to cross things off the to-do list.  Even better that some of the things DH and I got done this week are visible accomplishments!  Among the to-do's that are ta-done, DH put up some gorgeous shadow boxes in our bedroom and I got more Christmas cards made. :)  These are a few more from this kit I got at my LSS.
This trio uses MB kraft cards for the base that was stamped with an SU background stamp.  The set is one that came in a goodie bag from one of the awesome secretaries at my school gave me.  She had a whole bag of old SU stuff and wanted to know if I wanted it 'cause she wasn't going to use it.  Does a corgi like food?!?  Of course!  I've got some goodies in the making as a thanks to her. :)  The joy sentiment came from a set of letterpress cards I got at PaperSource.  See all the flowers on the middle card?  I'd love to say I planned this, but I smudged the sentiment and had a "make it work" moment.  Happy accidents are awesome sometimes. :)

I off to get "krafty" with these folks:
Catered Crop- Seeing Red
Stamping for the Weekend- Bingo- Ribbon,Sparkles, Flowers
Moving Along with the Times- Lots of Layers

Imagine my surprise and delight when I stopped by Carol's Ink Spot to discover she was listing lil ole me on her Liebster Blog Award!  *blushing*  Thank you so much and right back at ya Carol!!!

I've copied what she had to say about this award so that I wouldn't mess it up. :)

Liebster is German for 'dearest' and this award is a 'share-the-love' arrangement. It is given to inspirational bloggers with less than 200 followers.

Here's the to-do list of any Liebster award recipient:

1. Thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it to you.
2. Reveal your five blogger picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog. (I got to Carols blog before I saw her comment on on mine. LOL!)
3. Copy and paste the award on your blog.
4. Hope that those you award forward it to their favorite bloggers.
 So in no particular order, places I stalk...
1.  Lynn at From My Bungalow she has an amazing eye for CAS cards- I struggle so much with those
2.  Isabelle at Inkerbelle's  a friend who pre-dates the existence of blogland, she is the most talented colorist ever!
3.  Lisa at 78 thistles another pre-blogland friend who can make the most amazing creations with punches and various teeny paper scraps- she's been recuperating from a skiing accident, so she hasn't been able to post much but maybe when she is better...
4.  Shilo at Paper Meets Glue such luscious colors and photo vignettes!
5.  Gloria at Paper Blessings she even makes Fimo creations to match her paper creations- awesome :)

So thanks for the inspiration Ladies!  Who inspired you today?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dog Gone Great

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Here's a belated valentine post.  Thank goodness for vacation week!  I'm getting caught up on fun stuff, like sharing cards like this with all of you- and I'm finally catching up on all of your amazing blog posts.  Ahh, creative goodness to feed my soul. :)
Quick corgi update too!  My DH recently got a treadmill so he could jog at night or wicked early in the morning when it is dark and not make me nervous.  I'm not really much of a Nervous Nellie, but the town we live in doesn't have many streetlights even on main roads and almost no neighborhood has them, so really a treadmill is perfect until summer's long days reappear.  I need chocolate to be happy, DH needs to run. LOL!  Anywho, DH does some of his leg stretches on the floor and Cad loves to join him.  Cad gets all excited, wags his tail and runs (really runs! he's made AMAZING progress since July) over to DH, rolls on his back, and stretches with DH- or at least looks like he is. LOL!  Too cute!

Happy Tail-Thumping-Thursday!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Rolled Rose Tags- Part 1

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As promised- Rolled Roses!  I had so much fun making these last weekend.  I have a ton more that I made, but I'll share these for now. ;)
My friend Angela would be so proud!  All the roses are made with the same BG paper that I altered with paints, dye inks, and stamps.
The kraft tags I used for the base got a little of the same paint & ink treatment- and a little more. :)
A bunch of the embellies are from those Crate Paper chipboard sheets I was trying to use up- Mission Accomplished!!!  The tag edges have Tim Holtz's version of Stickles.  These were such a blast to make I kept going.  More will be posted soon...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Color Me Happy

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Ooo, I'm so excited to be on a roll posting!  These cards are under debate at this house.  You see my DH and I always give a gold, silver, and bronze to cards that I make.  It's all in good fun and it's always interesting to see what he favors vs. what I favor.
I ranked the cards as "happy" being gold, "pink flower" being silver, and "orange bow" as bronze.  DH says my bronze is his gold.  Interesting.
I wonder what the Project Runway judges would say.  Beauty is really in the eye isn't it.  Regardless of the ranking all the cards are winners 'cause I used more Crate Paper chipboard from my stash.  Still "chipping" away at the stash.  LOL!  I crack me up- I really do. :)
I'm strolling over to these places with my creations:
colorQ- Challenge 125

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Christmas Bells

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Still going (strongish) on my quest to get my cards done early for Christmas this year.  I actually made these back in January at the Craft In that my LSS hosts once a month.  I'm getting so much done on those Friday nights!!!  They are a welcome reprieve from "school" work and "class" work.  There are a few regulars who come and a few new faces each time.  We have a blast sharing stories and crafty time. :)  I digress though, so on to the cards!!
I used my December Kit Club kit and a stamp that I "really needed" a few years back and yet only now used.  None of you have ever had that happen have you? :)
I thought this was a lovely sentiment for the front and it took advantage of the tags that came with the kit.  As "new" and unused as the sentiment was, the bells on the envie (in the first pic) is one of the first stamps I ever bought and have used a bunch over the years.  So I guess this makes these cards old and new.  Shoulda made them blue and borrowed a sentiment for the inside.  LOL!  Ooo, great inspiration for the next cards!!! 

Merry Christmas, er, I mean Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pair of Nosegays- Kinda

Here are a couple more cards made in my chipboard frenzy. :)  I'm tickled that I have some more cards ready in my stash!  It's been so sunny the last couple of days, it is making me think of spring flowers already...
My beloved BG paper, layered on top of Authentique, which is on a MB grey card base sets the stage.  Probably going to leave this one blank until needed. :)
Same layers of paper on this one with an added layer of brown Bazzill cut using a PTI die and some yellow ribbon for pop.  This one is going into the thanks stash.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Quick Card

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A quick check-in to let you know I am still here!  I have been swamped with a new class and school, but the good news is that I am on break this week!!!  Lots of goodies to post from my vaca day of crafting.
I pulled out two sets of Crate Paper chipboard stickers I had gathering dust and was determined to make a few things to use them up.  Along with my New Years Resolution to not get stressed about Christmas cards, I've another one to use up more of my chipboard.
 Along with about 6 cards, I made a bunch of cool stuff with the chipboard and oodles of rolled roses I got obsessed with making yesterday.  Stay tuned 'cause I promise more is coming this week! :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hot Chocolaty Kisses

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I've been away for a while... I'd like to say it's been for lots of crafting, but I've been busy with a class for school.  Luckily I have had a little time to sneak into my room to craft. :)
I made some hot cocoa packaging.  Only I would think of cocoa when we had a highly unusual 50 degree day on Friday.  In New England.  In February.  It's been a bizarre winter here!
I get bored with too much of the same, so I made a few variations of these.  This one is using a new-to-me stamp I got from one of the awesome secretaries at our school.  She had a bag full of SU stuff that she gave me just for funsies!!!!!!!!  Can I tell you it has been calling to me all week!!!!!!
We celebrate "Curious Cupid" among the teachers at my school.  Basically it's Secret Santa but the valentine edition.  Long ago folks decided that there is too much going on in December and that February can be (usually) cold and snowy.  Curious Cupid was born.  I'm bringing these packets in for folks to by and use as gift toppers on their CC gifts.
Hope you enjoyed this valentine idea!  If I can get away from the books for school again, I'll post a couple valentine cards and a couple more Christmas cards I have gotten ready for the 2012 stash! :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Season's Greetings

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Here's another card from that December kit.  I've made it to 3 cards so far.  Not setting any land speed records here, but that's okay 'cause I'm having fun. :)
Along the same lines as this card, the goods are half stash and half kit.  The greeting is from Amuse- you can get their stuff from dealers now and I have the most awesome one, Pam.  I don't get perks from this plug.  I just like sharing when I have a great resource. :)

So, how are you doing on your resolutions?  Have any great resources to share?  How's your Saturday going? 

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

More 2012 Holiday Goodies

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So far, so good when it comes to the "no surprises Christmas resolution".  Of course it is only the first day of February, so there is still plenty of time for me to tank it. :)
Today brings card #2 and honestly I have no idea if it will be able to be mailed!  It's so pretty and fun though that I can live with this be a hand delivery type card. ;)  Some of this card is from the December kit, some from the stash, and one little bit is from new stuff.
The green and pink DP's are from my stash, the white base under the sentiment and the sentiment are from my December kit club kit, the ribbon is from a kit club (don't remember which one), and the snowflake 'n the red sparkle are from new stuff.