Friday, December 30, 2011

Kelly's Christmas Book

Things got a little hectic last week, but I wanted to share this album I gave to my hairdresser for Christmas before the holiday window closed for the year. :)
She had a little girl this summer, so I thought an album of the wee one's first Christmas was in order!
The album is made from white pocket folders, some craft tags, and this uber luscious kit I got myself for Christmas from The Paper Bakery. 
I didn't realize that the folders I bought didn't have full pockets on both sides!!!  Took a breath, thought "what would Tim Gunn do?", said to myself "make it work", and voila!  I think I like the pages more because of the twine bows holding the pockets together. :)
I never really get to make things for girls since I have two "all boy" nephews- not that I am complaining 'cause those boys are wonderful!  It is fun to make something girly once in a while and the shabby chicness of this is sooooo yummy!
I used my handy-dandy Zutter to attach all the pocket folders together after folding/gluing them.  I've been taking classes with Julie to make myself use my handy little binder more.  It's shameful how when I get something that "I NEED" and it gathers dust. :(  Trying to get better about it though.  Gotta say this kit barely had time to warm up from the mailbox before I dove in to make this album. :)
So the idea is that you can mount the pictures above the pocket/tag, on the pocket, or even on the tag and boom the album is set.  
Not that she has to fill that album this way, but I told Kelly that when I was making the album my thought was that various family/friends could write notes to the little one about her first Christmas and Kelly could put pics above the pocket.  

I always worry when I make things that folks won't like them, but I think she liked it.  :)  What about you?  What did you enjoy making/or giving to someone this year?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Beach Day!

It's my first video, so bear with me on the quality...
Thought folks might like to see Cad in action at the beach on Christmas Day.  He walked about a 1/2 mile with only a couple stops and no human help! :) 

We had just gotten to the beach and these were his first steps there since October.  Back then he could get down to the water kinda on his own, but needed his hind end supported to get off the beach.   Oh, and when you hear me say "no don't sit" please don't call the ASPCA.  This corgi can walk for 32 minutes straight in the therapy pool- and literally we had just set foot on the beach. :)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pile o books

More paper piecing!  These were fun (and work!).  The different patterns and colors make me so happy. :)
Of course the fact that she is reading while sitting on a stack of books doesn't hurt my love for her either. :)  Top Tip Tuesday is hosting our last Anything Goes Challenge of 2011, so dig out a fav image of yours and have at it!

Best wishes on catching up on all your reading this week,

Monday, December 26, 2011

2011 Wreath

Thought I'd take a sec to show the wreath I made for the door this year.  I've saved all kinds of goodies from wreaths and bouquets I've gotten over the years.  The last couple of years I've bought "naked wreaths" and dolled them up with my leftovers. :)
I absolutely love "big bulbs" and con love that my DH, DBIL, DFIL, and for the first time this year Oldest Nephew will put up the big bulb lights on the porch in the front and deck in back. :)  When the bulbs burn out I save them (big plans for these bulbs folks- don't know what those big plans are, but they are big. LOL).  This year a bunch got coated with glitter and put into the "glitter wreath".
Oh-meh-gosh the light hits all that glitter and the wreath looks like it has been lit up!  May your week be full of just as much sparkle!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Let the Christmas Game Begin!

Amy wants to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and thank Santa for the catnip he brought her,
Cadfael wants to thank all of you for all your prayers/well wishes/support since July.  He was able to walk around the whole neighborhood last week and he'd really like to walk on the beach in Maine today but,
Moriah has to play- and win- her Annual Christmas Game from Tom before we can leave. Wan-wan ;(
You see years ago my sweetie got the hair-brained idea to turn opening gifts into a game for me.  I LOVED it and now I look forward to a game every year.  I like the game more than the gifts. :)  Tom is a lucky guy 'cause it means he can get most gifts from the dollar aisle of Target.  This year though...
There's a TIMEOUT PART!!!!!!!!!!  Cad is hoping I studied hard for this quiz.  He really wants to try to chase some seagulls today. :)

Here's hoping that today finds you able to enjoys treats, stretch your legs, and laugh with all your loved ones!

Merry Christmas,

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tag Tip

A couple of tags for you today 'cause over at Top Tip Tuesday we're hosting an "Anything Christmas" challenge.
Thought these were fun tags that would be pretty on a tree as ornaments later.  I've really gotten into layers this year on my tags.  Makes them more cozy I think. :)
Make sure to stop by TTT and enter your Christmas creation so you can win some digi images or a cool book kids crafting book from Stash Books  Lisa has the coolest Milk Carton Log Cabin Ornament Tutorial, you have to check it out!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Looking towards June

Here's another card set I made from that October kit way back.  :)  Thought these might make good guy cards or cards for someone outdoorsy.
I totally credit Joanne over at ...just a little something... for the inspiration.  I took a couple classes from her a while back and she uses lots of fun layers with tight borders.  LOVE IT!
Here's a closer view of those layers 'n borders and of the, of course, stamped envies.  Thought the rustic pines was just the right touch for these Maine inspired cards. :)
Here it is all packaged.  Man that was a useful kit!  I've got a new one that I am dying to get a chance to use AND I just ordered one from The Paper Bakery.  Big plans for the December break- we'll see how far I get though. LOL!

So what are your plans for after the 25th? :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More Small Business Shouts

Here's another Small Business Shout Out!  I thought I had posted about this luscious valance around Thanksgiving, but I guess not.
This little darling came home with us a few weeks back and we both love her!  It's a stained glass valance made by DP Plourde Crafts up in Maine.  We saw their work summer last year and, after much debate, decided to take the plunge and have one made.  It is one of the coolest things we own!
Polly was awesome to work with and so great with updates as the valance got closer to being ready.  She even sent us tickets to a fair nearby so we could get in for free to pick up our goodie!  We love it so much we plan to order another on in January.  It is just so stinkin' brilliant!!!!! 

Hope you will check out Polly's other work.  She is so amazing!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Paper Cones Tutorial

I got a quick 'n easy tutorial for making paper cones over with my pals at Top Tip Tuesday today.  Be sure to stop by and join the fun. :) 
So make sure to break out the paper and join the fun.  If you enter do let me know I want to make sure see your creation and give you blog love!!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Butterfly Kisses

I'm taking a break from tag making to create a couple card sets.  Here's the one that I finished first.  It used the My Favorite Things Butterfly Kisses set and a ridiculous amount of Copics.
No, I guess that is the other set that used an amazing number of markers.  Oh well, I show that one later. :)
Four cards in this little blond fairy girl set.  My first blond!!!  Not too shabby for a gal who has never been blond and doesn't have any blond relatives to use for reference either. :)
Most of the work was done on Saturday night and I was pretty tickled when I saw them Sunday morning.  My first reaction was that someone else had made them and then I had to remind myself "I did that!".  Okay so I am tooting my own horn, but I really love how these came out.

What have you made that you are surprised and wicked proud about this December?  Leave me a link in the comments so I can see it!  I'd love to see what has you tickled with yourself and I want to leave you some love!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Scrumptious Sunday

I want to give a shout out to a couple of local businesses that helped us throw an awesome party for the folks that work with my DH.  This was the table in the dining room as we were getting ready.  I forgot to take pictures when everything was on the table later, oh well.  One of the businesses that I got a bunch of appetizers from (and forgot to photograph before they disappeared!) is Healthy Habits Kitchen.  It's a kitchen assemble-your-own-meal kinda place, but they also assemble for you and you can pick up the stuff at various summer and winter farmers markets.  The best part is they buy their organic meat, fish, and as many other goodies as they can locally.  So I feel like I am eating better and helping local farmers & fishermen too!  Win-win!
The other local business I want to thank and encourage others to patronize is La Bella Dolce.  The owner/baker is AMAZING!!!  She made two HUGE platters of huge old fashioned cookies, whoopie pies, holiday biscotti, and Sicilian fig cookies.  One of the platters is on the cover of her homepage, so I'll spare you that pic. LOL!
Look at the size of that whoopie pie!!!!!  There were like 10 or 12 on the platter and they are so rich I can't finish one in one sitting.  Seriously rich and delicious!  Truth time- not all the pies made it to the table before the guest came.  Some were quality control tested.  Tough job but someone had to do it! ;)
Closeup of the holiday biscotti.  My pic doesn't do them justice.  Cranberry and pistachio crunchy biscotti perfect with the after dinner cup of coffee.  Ahhhhhhh!  I wish I had put a size reference in these pictures so you could see just how big everything on the platters was- and smell-o-vision or taste-o-vision.  Y-U-M!!

So what are some of your fav local foodie providers?  Any other small business favs?  I've done a TON of shopping on Etsy this year and when thing start arriving I will take pics and give shout outs.  It feels good to support the mom-n-pop shops- not that I have anything against big box, I just don't like the crowds at those places so much.

I've gone to party with the folks here:

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Update Day!

It's been a while and folks have asked "How's the corgi doin'?"  Well here he is using his newly built ramp.  The weather even cooperated so DH could build it and paint it outside (read make a mess in the yard and not the house!).  Not the best shot, but look- no corgi purse action!!!  Cad can get himself on and off the deck, which means he can get in and out of the house without me throwing out my back.  Win-win.  I'll tell ya, twice now I have hurt my back carrying him around and it is amazing how much back pain can mess with every part of your day.  Especially when your day involves 20-some rambunctious 7 year-olds.  Yikes!
I also wanted to share some Christmas tags I made at a swap last night.  We had a Stamp Club reunion with a shoebox swap.  Lisa's tag is the silvery snowflake one and Angela's tag is the Christmas greetings one right next to it.  (Great to see you both ladies!!!)  All the tags are here except mine (I really liked everyone else's way better than mine!) and one other that I will share later.  It rained today and so I took the tags to work to photograph during my lunch period.  I like the other tag so much that I want to make it for my coworkers and so I had to leave it home or I'd ruin their surprise!

Happy Wednesday!