Monday, March 16, 2015

Thinking Bouquets

Good Morning!  I've been very busy in my studio, but haven't had much time to photograph anything.  Maybe I'll manage to carve out time this week to take some pics, but in the meantime I have a pair of thinking of you cards to share.

One went to Arizona and one to Texas thanks to Etsy.  I had fun making them since it meant seeing flowers.  I'm not sure we will ever see flowers again here in New England.  We had some beautiful weather last Tuesday and Wednesday with lots of melting taking place.  Cida was very sad to have to go back on his leash in the yard.  There had been sooooooo much snow he was kinda trapped in the maze we carved out of the snow, but enough melted that a certain puppy wandered a little too far away.  His teacher said we should not expect to be able to have him off leash until he is over a year.  It is so strange after having Cad, who never needed a leash!  Alas, Ci is getting better each day at listening and has only chewed one pair of slippers in 10 months so can I really complain about a leash? Nope.

A couple inches fell yesterday, so it is now official that this was the snowiest winter in Boston history.  108 inches!!!  Hence the fear we will never see flowers again.  I've said before that I don't much care for blue, but I may have to change my tune.  I have found myself more and more pinning and making "blue stuff".  I even bought light blue nail polish to paint my toes for our vacation in April.  I guess if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!  LOL!

If you want to see more versions of this stamp on a card, or the big Gerber daisy stamp I adore, or even a cute preprinted image I played with that is a daisy, click on the "daisy" label at the end of this post.  I had fun tracking down all my daisy images from "my posts of yesterday".  I've inspired myself with my old stuff!

Well, I'm thinking of all of you out there today and wishing you a productive Monday!

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  1. Aww... Poor Cida! So glad he hasn't damaged any more slippers though! Your daisy cards are so sweet and perfect to bring in spring!


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