Thursday, March 19, 2015

Two Holidays Together

Each February we have Curious Cupid at work (think Secret Santa but in February). There are a lot of us who look forward to this as a fun way to make it through the typically snowy month, but this year we had so many snow days we had to cancel it! To make up for it we had a one day "Lucky Leprechaun" gift exchange. This was my haul for the day. Lots of goodies to make Irish coffee, sweet treats, a pretty basket, and fun bling to wear for the day. 😏

I just sent out a big Etsy order for Easter. The gal ordering wanted boxes of cards for the teachers at her child's preschool. The two classroom teachers each get the big boxes with either the apple or books, the chapel teacher is getting the box with the church tag, and the music teacher is getting the one with the music note. I hope everyone enjoys their cards!

It has been bitter cold here, so these cards are helping me try to get into s springtime mindset!

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  1. Now that is a PARTY basket!! What a fun idea! Love the sets of cards too! Where do you get the clear boxes to hold the sets? I've made a few from matching paper before, but the clear ones are great for showing off the cards!


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