Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Miss Amy

My DH has taken to reading my blog periodically.  It's kinda cute, flattering, and endearing that he does this.  He mentioned the other day that Cad has gotten some blogtime, but Miss Amy has not yet had her blog debut.  I have to say I thought I had posted pics of her and I was wrong (y'all should mark this on the calendar, I don't often have the grace to admit errors. LOL!)  So without further ado, I present Amy the gray tabby.
We've had an uphill battle with Ames.  She's an older gal and she had lived with a terrier who had personal space issues, so she was less than thrilled with Cad.  They have a mutual tolerance of each other at this point, which is a shame 'cause Cad likes to play with cats.  He grew up with them, so he thinks they are great, but Amy is kinda mean to him.  It's taken a couple of years, but Miss Amy doesn't hide in the closet anymore, tolerates DH, and simply LOVES to cuddle with me in bed.  She's even learned to talk.  I have that effect on animals though.  I got that from my mom.  My dad said my mom did it to animals because she treated them like humans by talking to them all the time, so they all learned to talk back.
Despite the look of being stuck to the bed, Amy is doing her I-love-you-I'm-rolling-around-and-talking-to-you-so-you'll-pet-me act.  It really is precious, especially when you consider she did nothing but hide and hiss for the first 3 months and I took my life in my hands when I crawled in to the closet each day to scoop her up and encourage her to be more social each day.  She is a love and I'm so proud of how far she's come.  She even surprised my nephews a couple of weeks ago and joined us all in the living room (for about 10 seconds, but we'll take it).  Usually the boys are stuck petting Amy as she hides under the blankets on the bed. :)  Hope you enjoyed meeting Miss A.

Just goes to show that love and patience can work wonders.  Here's to hoping love and patience touches all of us today. :)


  1. Oh my goodness she is beautiful!
    I like you enjoy the challenge of befriending an animal, and so believe it is worth every minute of the challenge when they finally figure it out.

  2. Beautiful puss - well done you for your patience!

  3. Oh WHat a beautiful cat! so lovely love her eyes! soooooo pretty!.... Thanks for the welcome back :0)


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