Friday, February 11, 2011

Love you Valentine

Are you ready for Valentine's Day yet?  I'm so NOT READY!!!!!  I haven't gotten my valentines done for my students and I have no idea what to give them for a treat- we have a "no candy, no junk food" policy.  That means I'm down to pencils or no homework passes.  If you have a suggestion- please share.  I think my brain has frozen with all this cold weather. LOL!
This is one of the valentine cards I got made in time for the crafty open house my friend hosted at her house the other day.  I sold a few cards/card sets and then we decided to bring our goods in to work yesterday.  Sales picked up for both of us at work. :)  I consider the dollars made my "mad money".  Feeding the addiction is what it's all about. LOL!

Hope you have a great weekend and can get things together for some valentine love. :)


  1. Oh Moriah, this is gorgeous! I cheated and bought my cards. I haven't made a card in ages!!!

  2. Beautiful hunny :0)


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