Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Little Love

I'm happy to say that it seems to have stopped snowing (for now).  Talk about a "Groundhog Day" experience.  As my husband said- "Oh it's snowing.  It must be Wednesday."  Well that about sums it up for us in New England this winter.
Despite the fact I drive like an escapee from NASCAR, this is not my car.  This was an accident on a stretch I have frequented on I-93 in New Hampshire yesterday (it's a pic that's been popular on the news here, but I borrowed it from Yahoo News).  Believe it or not, the driver was unharmed (or so it's been reported here).  It's pics like this that make me really glad to be a teacher that has school canceled on snowy days.
Good grief!  We need a little mail cheer!  Here's a quick little valentine to cheer you all.
The image is from PTI's Button Bits set and I layered it with scraps!  Yup still working my way through.  My cold put me a little behind, I got the yummiest set of goodies last week, AND I have the attention span of the 7 year-olds I work with, SO the scraps may go off to the side once again. :)
The yummy goodies in need of cutting and gluing.  Scraps to be added for next time... :)

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  1. OMG That is a fab Picture with the car .. poor person who was drivin it thou lol
    and fab Card :)


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