Friday, July 20, 2012

Cad Update and His Giveaway

A year ago I asked all of you for prayers for my "furry little brother".  So many of you posted kind thoughts here on my blog, my FB page, 2Peas, and on the PTI board.  Our little family is so grateful for all the kind wishes and we're happy to say Cad is doing fantastic!  He will never be able to use more than one step stairs (We live in a two story colonial and I have some great biceps now) or get up on any furniture by himself, but he can walk.  His pic here looks a little pathetic, he isn't a fan of water, but he is happy to see his trainer Suzy.   I can't say enough great things about Tufts Animal Hospital in Grafton MA and Paws in Motion in Natick MA.  Without them, Cad would be at the least a paraplegic and more likely he'd be dead. 

To thank all of you out there, Cad is hosting his own crafty giveaway. :)
The deets of Cad's goodie package are:
6x6 Kaisercraft pad Cock-a-doodle-doo
My Favorite Things "Puppy Love" clear stamp set
Assorted yellow, red, green buttons
6 Memory Box yellow cards
6 Memory Box white cards
1 chipboard frame
12" blue pom-pom ribbon
1 yard yellow/orange/pink flower ribbon
1 yard (I think) blue/brown star ribbon

What does Cad want you to do to be eligible for this?

1.  Hug your furry, and non-furry, family members every day.  Today we are reminded how life can change in an instant.  Appreciate what you have, show them, and tell them.

2.  Leave a comment below.  Cad loves your comments!

3.  Be a follower (if you aren't already).

4.  Post a link on your blog to this giveaway.

We're rigging up a way of having Cad pick the winner on Thursday the 26th.  That's the 1 year anniversary of him coming home from Tufts.  I'm hoping to get a new video of him running- yup running- soon.  I want all of you to be able to see his progress and I'm going to email his surgeon so she can see how far he has come!

Love and cyber hugs to all of you out in blogland.  You are an amazing group of supportive folks and you have made this especially tough 12 months much, much easier!


  1. Hey Cad,
    So glad you are doing better and are so loved by your human owners! I have two furry friends and I love rubbing their bellies and behind their ears often. What a great set of goodies you are offering. I'll be sharing a link to this blog on my next blog entry so I can be eligible. I'm already a follower!

  2. Hi Cad, As the mother of two Corgi's, I know the stress and worry you put your mother through a year ago! It sounds as if you came through your trauma with "running colors". Congratulations!! Hope you are giving your mom lots of hugs and kisses every day; I can't start my day without the love from my two boys :-)

  3. Hi Cad! So glad you're up and almost running again. Can't wait to see the video of you in action. My pup, Oreo and you could be great running buddies if only we lived closer. You're so blessed to have humans who love and care for you! xox

  4. So glad he is doing well!! You had so much love and support that helped along the way, of this I am sure!!

  5. So glad he is doing well!! You had so much love and support that helped along the way, of this I am sure!!

  6. So glad he's doing well. How fun is this.

  7. great he is doing good:):) Fun give-away:):)

  8. Oh Cad, you are so unbelievably generous!! What a time you've had, but boy oh boy, I'm sooo happy you're doing so well. :D
    Big hug,
    Lisa xx

  9. I don't have a furry one at home any more, we had to put my little Logan down a few years ago now. He was 18 years old and as hard as it was, that was the best way to reward his loyal years.
    Glad yours recovered nicely and is up for offering us some goodies!

  10. So relieved Cad is doing well how fabulous for you and your family Moriah Big Hugs Elaine
    Cad is so generous I am commenting remotely but will add you to my blog when I get home Hugs Elaine

  11. What an amazing journey you have traveled! So glad the therapy is paying off and can't wait to see Cad in action!
    Our Shadow has suffered from joint displasia in his elbow since he was a pup. So far we have been fortunate that it hasn't slowed him down too much. Their determination is amazing and an example for all of us!

  12. Moriah, this is truly sweet :) I know how you feel about Cad, because that is the same way I feel about Boz and Nando. I remember last year when this happened because Suzanne and I went to Stamp-a-Faire and picked up your bag...that was so touching that you missed your trip for Cad :) Tell Cad thanks for the opportunity to win such an awesome prize package! I have always loved that MFT stamp with the dog but still haven't gotten it. I'll post about the contest on my blog when I update it later this week. P.S., just hugged my puppies with Cad in mind :)

  13. Hope I'm not too late to join the party! Hugs to Cad! All our animals are rescue animals. We have a dog and 2 cats.
    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  14. The picture of Cad just tugs at the ol' heartstrings. So happy he is able to walk. We had a chihuahua named Boof, who tripped while running down a hill, and was practically paralyzed for a couple of weeks. All he could do is lay there in pain and had to potty on himself. :( We think it must have been a pinched nerve or something. He did recover, only to go on and drown in the defrosting ice on the lake a couple of years ago. Glad Cad's story has a happy ending!


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