Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Top 5 Fav Posts of 2010

A friend of mine and I were chatting just before Christmas about how sometimes we look back at things we made in the past and think "eeewww- what was I thinking".  I have to say I tend to do that to myself A LOT.  Just this week though I have been inspired by fellow bloggers who are looking back at 2010 and posting their favorite projects from the year.  What a great idea and a great way to remind myself that I have made some "stuff to be proud of" this past year. :)

(in no particular order)

I'm tickled with all the color I used on this one. :)

I had fun coloring this card.
I made something that's blue and I LIKE IT.  LOL!
Also this was one of my first altered items posts. :)

I colored this card all by myself and it ended up looking exactly like I had imagined it in my little noggin!! That almost never happens.

 My first post to Tablescape Thursdays.  Such an inspiring place to visit with so many sweet and inspiring bloggers!

And One Honorable Mention
(I can't even follow my own rules! LOL!)
This one is a shout out of thanks to Sunny over at Life in Rehab.  She was so sweet blogged about my blog, which still makes me blush.  How cool is blogland?!?!?! :)

This post turned out to be harder that I originally thought.  What a walk down memory lane this was!  I stopped to read the comments from all of you kind readers and ended up hopping over to check out some of your newest creations. I did try to comment on a bunch too. You are all so talented!  I hope you have been inspired to reflect on all the talent you shared either on your blog, or more importantly, with friends & family.  Take a moment and be proud of yourself- you deserve it!

I'm counting down with folks here:


  1. Five stunning creations

  2. you did some great work during last year!

  3. A lovely selection. I agree a hard job choosing!. Elaine

  4. Thanks for linking up and posting my button! Your polka dot card is my favorite, but I love all your choices here, including your quick and fun 10 minute card :)

  5. Great picks. I ♥ the "hi" card.

  6. your cards are lovely~I like them all!!! The three cups card is awesome!!!

  7. Great stuff! I think it's so much fun to look back on stuff you've made. I agree, it's hard to pick sometimes!! Thanks for stopped by my blog too - happy belated new year!


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