Thursday, June 11, 2020

Some Thanks!


Hi All!  Popping in to share a couple of easy thank you cards I made using just a couple of stamps and inks.  

Can't remember if these were supposed to be marigolds or zinnias, but I have decided they are zinnias and need to be colorful. ;-)  Love how this card just looks like the feel of a sunny afternoon in the summer!!!  The beauty of the layout here is that the sentiment takes up most of the space and then the flowers are giving an L frame.  

Layered on some designer paper adds some more pop and interest.  The sequins were just a fun addition that not only adds some extra color, but also a little sparkle and added dimension.  I have been really trying to use my embellishments lately instead of hoarding them in case I need them later.  Where is the fun in waiting to use something that is asking to be used now?!?

What fun embellishments have you used in your creations lately?

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