Monday, June 10, 2013

"Vintage" Christmas

No, don't adjust your monitor!  Yes it is still only June!  I'm doing my best to keep up with Christmas cards this year and I'm happy to say I have another one to share today with a mid-century twist! :)

This card was sooo much fun to put together.  I got to use all stuff from my stash and the color palette is one that I think I will be using in my teaching space next year.  The funny part is that I HATED when my mom used to mix red and aqua/light blue/turquoise when I was a kid.  Now I think of it as a fabulous combo.  I think she'd give me what-for if she were around to see this post, probably only fair for all the harassment I gave her. ;)

So do you use Pandora?  I have 2 different channels I created for myself for Christmas music.  Yup, I'm that person who plays Christmas music all year.  I realized when I was a kid that those were the songs where I knew all the words and I would sing them to myself in the shower, when cleaning my room, or playing in my grams garden.  I do try to be nice enough to not subject others to the tunes out of season though. :)

What seasonal secrets do you have??? ;)

I'm humming Deck the Halls and wandering here with some *gasp* Christmas cheer:
Festive Friday- Vintage Christmas


  1. I love your card and all the colors you just says MERRY Christmas! :0) And I agree with you about Christmas music too. My girls think I'm nuts, but I have over 1200 Christmas songs on my ipod and I listen year round! :0)

  2. I sing "Let it Snow" nearly every day without even noticing! The whole year is really just the countdown, isn't it?

    I LOVE Aqua with red - I discovered just how much this past season, and now I want it everywhere.

    Oh, and I LOVE Crate Paper.

    So I think you know how I feel about your card!! ;)

    So glad to see you playing along with us again, I loved your card, and your stories!!

  3. gorgeous card, Love the color combo!!

  4. Great colour combinations - traditional with a little modern thrown in! Thanks for playing with Festive Friday!

  5. LOVE the colors on this! The little presents are so sweet!

    I refuse to listen to Christmas music in my house before Thanksgiving (drives my kids nuts!), but I make up for that by keeping my decorations up until mid January. The house just looks so sad during the winter months...

  6. Love your beautiful colors and layers here, Moriah!!! It looks like a perfect little Christmas collage...and so cheery! Great to see you back again at Festive Friday!!!


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