Saturday, May 4, 2013


I thought I'd share a wicked old project.  Remember when Oprah told us about her journal where she wrote something like 10 good things about each day?  Well I thought I would do that, so I recovered a fat mini notebook years ago.  I recently found it in the drawer of my nightstand. :) 

I remember that I had fun creating the sparkle of the paper with Stickles and using different ribbon scraps for the floofy edging.  I didn't follow though with the writing though. :(  I have another project that I'll share that I have used to record memories- I think y'all will like it!

Amy Update-  Sadly she was diagnosed with bladder cancer.  It's fatal in felines, but she is doing well right now.  The vet thinks we'll lose her by the end of the school year (June 28th for us this year).  Of course she also said that my husband and I work wonders with animals (got Cad kinda walking & we had a cat that lived to be 26 years old- no joke), so we could get more time.  Special medicine is coming from NJ, but in the end if the cancer doesn't get her, the medicine used to keep it at bay will trash her kidneys.  We talked about chemo, yup they can do that, but Amy is 18.  I've seen what chemo can do and given the stage she is in, I can't put her through that.  In the meantime we are spoiling her with canned cat food, catnip, and lots of ear scratching (she prefers that to lap sitting!). 

Hug your furry loved ones for us today,


  1. Oh, Moriah! My heart goes out to you! Sending hugs and prayers for all of you!!

    Your journal is absolutely gorgeous!!


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