Thursday, March 31, 2016

Not Quite Right Until Now

Morning Peeps!  Thought I'd share a Throwback Thursday/Revitalized Goody Box.  Sometimes you make something and you just know it isn't done, but you can't figure out how to finish it.  My mom used to create things and when they weren't "quite right" she'd stick them in a closet for a bit until they looked better to her. 

I made a bunch of these cards a couple years ago.  One of the sets got boxed up and was scooped up by a customer at a fair.  I didn't want to make the next box exactly the same, but I just couldn't decide what to do.

The rest of the cards were stashed away for another day and I waited (somewhat impatiently) for inspiration to strike.  In the meantime, two set of cards got rapid cello bag packaging.  I needed to thank the lunch ladies for saving me when I forgot my lunch, but the cafeteria was just about to shut down.  Going from 6:30 in the morning to 6 at night with only a yogurt really won't work.  Not if you are trying to corral 6 year olds and make it through an hour and a half staff meeting!

What to do with the remaining cards?????  They kinda sat in the "sorta finished bin" mocking me.  In a cute way of course. ;-) Finally a couple weeks ago I sat down and made myself look through all my papers to find something that would work!  I refused to allow myself to do anything with my fun newest goodies until I made a cute box for this set.  Happily I actually was able to spark some creativity with the fun banner paper and cool yellow pom-pom accessories.

 What project/s have you taken a long time to finish because they just weren't quite right the first time?

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