Saturday, March 26, 2016

Random Easter Goodies

Some more Easter goodies to share this Easter weekend!  I played around with lots of patterns again with this card and even stamped some bumble bees on the card base to liven it up.  As much as I have been crushing on aqua and aqua twine lately, I'm also totally obsessed with mustard.  Wacky right?  I think it is a combination of being a child of the 70's (mustard everything) and the fact that I cannot wear mustard, really any yellow, without looking like I'm about to keel over.  Forbidden fruit = mustard.  Hee-hee!

Found this little bunny gal in my stash of finished images.  You ever just color images to color them, or paper piece stuff for fun?  I do and then add them to a baggie I have of "done stuff".  They come in handy when I need to make something and am pressed for time!  That is when they aren't mocking me to use them! ;-)

Happy Easter Weekend!  Hope you get to enjoy some of it with family/friends!

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