Monday, March 7, 2016

Teacups, Teacups, Teacups

This image is a favorite of mine.  I went gonzo last spring and colored oodles of these teacups. Seriously, I made at least 20 of these I think.  What can I say? It was a REALLY LONG COLD SNOWY WINTER here in New England and I had to do something to bring color into those very wintry white days. Funny how bad last winter was considering I've worn flip-flops multiple times this past February. Mid-50's and 60's is like 80 degree weather up here! Hope we won't be paying for this with a cold wet summer- or worse a ridiculously hot drought-filled summer!

I sold some of them at work, sent some of them to family/friends, and loaded the rest into my Etsy shop.  All the teacup cards in my shop have had sentiments for Mother's Day added to the inside.

They were wicked fun to color!  Each set had a different personality emerge as the color combos were filled in on each cup.  Sometimes it is just fun to color like when you were a kid.  It is even better when you are a grownup and have really cool supplies to use for the coloring!!! My Copics sure beat my marker 8 pack from my childhood. 😉

I didn't have anything in mind when I colored them, so it was a fun scavenger hunt of sorts to find papers and embellishments that went with each set. Really helped me throw caution to the wind by digging out lots of luscious patterned papers from my stash to combine. This was also a great way to remind me to use my different border dies and punches that were very lonesome on my table.  😊

My great grandmother, I called her Grandma Jett though I haven't any idea why since Jett wasn't in her name anywhere (not surprising since I gave all my grandparents nicknames that had nothing to do with their actual names), had a small collection of teacups that I used to dust for her when I was little.  It is rather amazing that she let me anywhere near them.  I would have worried that a kid my age would have broken them!

As I type this, I have a sneaking suspicion that I may have that collection sitting in my basement storage.  If that is the case, I really should get them out.  Pretty things should be seen, not stored, or there's not point to having them!!! I'm gonna sign off now and rummage in my disaster area that I call the basement.  Maybe I'll make some tea first...

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  1. I love these cards! As a past tea cup collector I just adore that stamp set and how you colored each tea cup to have dimension. The choice of papers is perfect too! Just lovely!


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