Sunday, March 24, 2013

Merry & Festive

 Do not adjust your browser, you are looking at a Christmas card when Easter is just days away. LOL! :)  I can't begin to tell you how much it still looks like Christmas around here, that is unless you live in the Midwest.  Then of course, my heart goes out to you for surviving yet another blizzard.  I said it on FB and I'll say it here, we plan to eat groundhog for Easter, not ham. ;D  I like snow, more than the typical Yankee, but enough is enough already!!  But I digress...

Today I am sharing another Christmas card in an effort to have bunches done ahead of time.  I was able to mostly pull this off last year, and boy did it help make for a less stressful season!  I do promise to post a few of the Easter cards I plan to send (hopefully before the lop eared guy comes by).

The color palette was chosen with a nod to Spring, even though this will go out in December. :) With that in mind, I was able to use paper and (would you believe) stickers that weren't meant for Christmas cards.  I think Tim Gunn would be pleased with my "make it work" moment!

I've made merry and am off to party here:
Festive Friday- "Merry" as your inspiration (I was thinking of a merry holiday party with this)
CHNC- Anything Goes- Christmas

Hugs to all and to all a merry week!


  1. I ADORE the colours you used... they are so bright and for sure Merry! And with the drinks, it makes me want to sing "Eat drink and be Merry!"... *wink*

    I can attest to the stress saved by making cards all year, even if it does seem strange! I am glad you're playing along with us, and I hope we see you next week!

  2. Oh, CUTE, Moriah!! Those little images are adorable and perfectly colored! And the whole design certainly does give a 'merry' feel! Love this, and so happy to see you back with us!

  3. Love the festive colours of your drinks and how well they tie into the dp!

  4. What a happy card! I love the colors! The twine and the sparkly button are wonderful!


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