Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sweet 'n Spooky in a Jar

Happy Hallow's Eve, Eve!  Thought I'd share a couple more Halloween cards made with leftovers from cards of years past AND some new fun stuff. ;D

I went nuts cutting Halloween paper with dies last year.  I had WAY more cut goods than ideas, but it is so awesome to pull out that precut stuff and run with it later. :)  Here is evidence exhibit A. LOL!  I used to hate spiders as a kid.  Not saying I want one as a pet or anything now, but I have a certain affection for them these days.  They eat so many other creepy crawlies that I despise that now they are on my "good list".  Not sure who to give this one to this year.  Maybe I'll save it for next year.  We'll see...

Here's the sweeter version!  My DH and his sister both seem to like candy corn.  For all the sweets that I love, candy corn is soooo not on my list.  Totally fun to color though!  I might give this card to my DH for Halloween.  I think he can overlook the more "girly" aspects of the card, since he will be mostly focused on the candy corn and wondering if it'll mean he gets some candy corn to go with the card. LOL!

Have a sweet, not spooky, Wednesday!

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