Friday, April 11, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Day countdown

Teacher Appreciation Day is May 6th.  That's less than a month away folks.  I looked it up.  You'd think I would know it by now, but honestly it is always a surprise.  😏  I mention this because one of my customers is super on top of things!  This is one of the cards I made for her so she can be ready for the big teacher day. 

Thank goodness she was on top of things!  I've had this stamp for at least a year and it has been begging for ink!!!  It also has me getting in gear to make some more goodies to load in my Etsy Shoppe just for this day.  I thought I might play around with another card with this same palette and one that's more blues, aquas, and greens. 

I can't tell you how great teachers, especially specialists, feel when they get a card from one of their students.  It totally makes our day.  I keep all the cards and pictures in a special spot in my teacher space.  At the end of the year all the memories go in my memory box.  😊 I'm having to move to a dramatically smaller space next year.  I hope I will be able to have a spot to continue that tradition!

Do you celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day?  How do you remember those special teachers in your life?


  1. Moriah-- teachers are so important in the lives of our children-- your card is a beautiful way to show appreciation:)

  2. We absolutely did and I think your card is sensational Moriah!! They deserve so much appreciation and a professional sports player's salary!! ;)

  3. A perfectly sweet card for a teacher! Our girls have always made a card and included a special thank you message for their teachers. Since teacher appreciation is close to the end of the school year for us, it works really well to include a little gift for something they might enjoy over the summer.


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