Friday, April 18, 2014

Tag, Bunnies are It!

More bunnies today!  These little hoppers are a favorite of one of my co-workers. :)

Haven't seen any bunnies in the yard yet.  If they are smart, they are looking for new digs.  The pair of red-tailed hawks have definitely moved into the neighborhood.  They were out an about all last weekend and even showed off their flying skills to my DSIL when the gang was over for "Short Stack's" birthday (youngest nephew).

I'm pleased to say these all used goods from my stash.  The aqua lace is vintage- the wrapper said it sold for 29 cents.  As I type this, I am cozy on the couch and forgot all the details of paper companies and bunny dies.  If you want those diets, please leave a comment below or feel free to email me and I will happy pass along the info to you. :)

Happy Friday!!!!


  1. they are so cute and would look great on an easter basket

  2. Love the floral bunnies against the denim colored background!!


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