Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I can't stop!

Since it SNOWED last night, something fun, furry, and flowery is a must for today!

I can't stop posting bunnies!!!!  I was sitting outside last weekend (gasp really OUTSIDE with sunshiny wrath and everything) alternating between blogland, the Decorah eagles, and my photo files.  Who knows why, but anyway...

I made these back in February and I don't think I ever shared them.  So, once again, I have bunnies for you. :) These are exciting tags for me because I used copics and pencils.  It's so easy to get used to using just one medium and I do it all the time. 

I have several friends who are so good at pooling all their goods and creating fabulous works of art using paints, chalks, markers, pencils- you name it.  These are simple tags, but I'm glad I stepped out and used more supplies because the effect was exactly what I was looking for with these tags.  Yay!  A plan comes together just as imagined. :)

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Hahaha...our snow just melted on Monday and it's a complete pleasure to see these fabulous bunnies!!

  2. Oh how adorable! Love it!! ~Terri

  3. Your tags are adorable!!! I try to play with copics but haven't quite mastered the whole shading thing yet...


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