Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Couple Poises

Ahhh, the last day of my vacation. Sniff, sniff (whiny voice) how come it goes by faster than a work week?!?!?

Can't complain too much though.  We made it to see my Gram, cousin, and DMIL & DFIL for Easter.  Put flowers on my dad's grave in Colonie, made it to the Macdonald grandparents home in Waverly, and were able to put flowers down for them too.  We also managed to stay one night at the B 'n B where we got married.  The weather was fairly good until the B 'n B, but that's okay.  It kept the crowds down and we had the place to ourselves. :-D

Went for a few days without TV.  Gasp!  I KNOW, that's HUGE for me. :) We downloaded an audiobook from the library using my Overdrive app.  Gosh, it was not an small task!  Took me forever to work through the kinks and learn how to do it.  Still having hiccups with downloading on my iPhone, but that could be because I have an antique iPhone.  No seriously.  It's an iPhone 3- not 3S- 3.  My friends let their 7 year-olds play with that model as toys.  LOL!

Since Easter has passed, I thought I would share a set of Mother's Day cards I have in my Etsy Shoppe.  I LOVE making monochromatic cards and haven't made any in a long time.  I made a purple version and a yellow version. The stamp is an old favorite by Memory Box.  It has seen TONS of ink over the years. For instance here and here. :)

Happy Sunday (I'm trying to be happy at least!)


  1. Moriah your cards are so pretty. I love the softness in your colouring.
    You had a very busy vacation from work.
    I think time slows down during a work week ;)

  2. Beautiful posies! Your coloring shows so much depth. Love the spring colors! I like your haircut in the profile pic.

  3. These are so pretty and I love the crinkly seam binding!


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