Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dog Gone Great

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Here's a belated valentine post.  Thank goodness for vacation week!  I'm getting caught up on fun stuff, like sharing cards like this with all of you- and I'm finally catching up on all of your amazing blog posts.  Ahh, creative goodness to feed my soul. :)
Quick corgi update too!  My DH recently got a treadmill so he could jog at night or wicked early in the morning when it is dark and not make me nervous.  I'm not really much of a Nervous Nellie, but the town we live in doesn't have many streetlights even on main roads and almost no neighborhood has them, so really a treadmill is perfect until summer's long days reappear.  I need chocolate to be happy, DH needs to run. LOL!  Anywho, DH does some of his leg stretches on the floor and Cad loves to join him.  Cad gets all excited, wags his tail and runs (really runs! he's made AMAZING progress since July) over to DH, rolls on his back, and stretches with DH- or at least looks like he is. LOL!  Too cute!

Happy Tail-Thumping-Thursday!


  1. cute card! Love that little dog stamp and sentiment. fun photo, tfs!

  2. Hi Moriah Lovely card , I can see why you made it in the doggy theme, you just had to with Cad on your team.
    So glad to hear Cad is running , how lovely, you must be so releaved. I had to smile at the photo's of Cad with your DH. Have a fun weekend.
    Thank you for following, I am honoured.
    Hugs Elaine

  3. Had a good chuckle seeing your hubby and the dog 'exercising' togehter. Cute card that could now be used for a birthday or thank you.

  4. Teehee this photo is so cute. Before I read, I thought they were napping :)
    When I do my Pilates our cat loves to walk under my hands when I to the 100s, lol.
    such a cute card and perfect for today's post :)

  5. LOVE your pic!! So glad Cad is doing so well! My treadmill makes a wonderful coatrack at our house...

    Your card is wonderful! The papers are great together and your simple image is perfect for this!


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