Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Christmas Bells

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Still going (strongish) on my quest to get my cards done early for Christmas this year.  I actually made these back in January at the Craft In that my LSS hosts once a month.  I'm getting so much done on those Friday nights!!!  They are a welcome reprieve from "school" work and "class" work.  There are a few regulars who come and a few new faces each time.  We have a blast sharing stories and crafty time. :)  I digress though, so on to the cards!!
I used my December Kit Club kit and a stamp that I "really needed" a few years back and yet only now used.  None of you have ever had that happen have you? :)
I thought this was a lovely sentiment for the front and it took advantage of the tags that came with the kit.  As "new" and unused as the sentiment was, the bells on the envie (in the first pic) is one of the first stamps I ever bought and have used a bunch over the years.  So I guess this makes these cards old and new.  Shoulda made them blue and borrowed a sentiment for the inside.  LOL!  Ooo, great inspiration for the next cards!!! 

Merry Christmas, er, I mean Happy Wednesday!


  1. Great card design! I love the sentiment and trim!

  2. These are really great, I love the little pom poms, I wish I was as motivated as you are!
    Love Penny

  3. You are definitely getting a head's start on this - good for you! Lovin' the pom pom trim on these - adds to the fun of the holidays :)

  4. Your cards are lovely. Good for you for getting a major head start on your Christmas cards.
    As for using my stamps. I always use them as soon as I get you believe me, teehee.

  5. Great cards! I love the texture from the pompom trim and had to laugh at your 'new' stamp! I lost count of how many 'new' old things I have used (or not) in the past year!


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