Saturday, October 29, 2011

'til Next Season Maine

We are closing the cottage for the winter today. :(  In tribute I have some kit cards featuring a lighthouse.  See the teeny bit of sparkle where the light in the house is?
Honestly it is always a sad time because we get to see so much family when we are up in Maine, but then again it makes May an exciting month because we get to open the cottage for the summer!   This particular lighthouse is nostalgic for me because it is the one a group of friends and I used to make save-the-date cards for a teacher friend's wedding a couple years ago.  She got engaged at Nubble Lighthouse.  Ahhhhh :)
Nekkid envies- NEVER! LOL! (My mom used to joke about crafty things being nekkid- instead of naked)  The inside is nekkid though.  Can't decide if I should wrap these up as a set, or turn them into guy cards.  Whatcha' think?

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