Thursday, January 27, 2011

Uncle! Uncle! Uncle!

We got ANOTHER snowstorm overnight.  Another 12 or so inches.  Seriously.  I said I like snow, but this is ridiculous.
What you say?  You want a closer view of the total?  You are in luck!
The thing is, this is the backyard total on the deck.  The deck that gets sun all day.  So really there's more snow on the ground out front where the sun hasn't melted anything yet.  Emphasis on the yet.  I really am starting to wonder where all the "melted snow" will go.  That's a lot of snow to melt.  What you say?  It's not even 2 feet?  Well lets look out front shall we?
That's the stubby legged coginator in front of the snowbank.  DH offered to take a pic of me in front of this bank.  I had not yet showered and was still in PJ's,fuzzy slippers, & bathrobe, so in the interest of everyone's eyes, I declined.  LOL!  BTW- For perspective, Cad stands 10 inches in the middle and 20 inches when you count his head.
One last view of the back yard.  For all  my recent whining, it is pretty.  Rumor has it that there is yet another storm coming next week.  That will make 8 storms in like 6 weeks or something and more than 45 inches of snow total.  Huh.  That's a lotta white stuff.

I like snow, but I'm still saying uncle! :)


  1. OMG!!! Rather you that me!! I am freezing cold and its not even snowy here! sssshhesh! poor you guys! :)

  2. Hi Moriah,
    This snow is starting to be too much! It does look pretty but makes for treacherous driving. And I have been dying to for a walk but where to walk?

    Thank you for the b'day wishes! Ajay got me clothes from Anthropologie, so that's what was in the box.

    And this was the first time for me reading Mercedes Lackey. I liked her book!

    Since I can't make it to Stamp Club, let me know if you are going to IAI on some Saturday and I can swing by!


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