Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Flurry of thanks

There's a solid chance you got some fun gifts last month (can you believe that was "last month" already?!?).  Here are a few of the thank you cards I sent out. :)
I used the same big snowflake on all of these cards and the same kraft card base.  The card base has a stamped snowflake background in brown.
I used papers left over from making my gingerbread cards and some pre-cut 4x4 paper I had gotten ages ago on a whim. :)   
I think it's easier to do cards like these in an assembly style.  I made all the bases and then played around with the scrap pieces to see how many of a given style I could get created.  Then I go to town with the glue, ribbon, and the glitter pen (on the snowflake, though it doesn't show in these pics).

What helps you get a bunch of cards done?

I've shoveled a path to party here:


  1. Pretty cards and I like your idea to use up remaining PP that is just laying around. I must have a shoebox full of it.

  2. These are lovely cards.
    I too have been making thank you cards. I was so bad last year in sending any out. So I thought you are never to late to send a Thank you, so I am still going to get them out. Even if they are 8 months behind, whoops.

  3. I like the color combo you used for these.

  4. I took your advice ~ I entered so we'll see. Thanks M!!!


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