Monday, January 17, 2011

Star Date 1.18.11

The Craft Room... the Final Frontier. These are the escapades of the starship Fuzzy Slippers. Its continuing mission: to explore the strange concept of completed projects, to seek out new supplies and new blog inspiration, to boldly go where I have never gone before - a clean craft area!

Seriously, my mission this week is to see how many things I can make from this:
And this too....
I cleaned my studio, I mean cleaned for me anyway.  The studio is the place projects have gone to die lately.  I have a ton of supplies here and half made projects that I can't remember what they were!!!  So I'm going to see what I can make from what I have in these piles.
At least I have a bunch of colored images to work with on this.  Time spent this summer coloring may pay off. LOL!  Hope you enjoy my weeks challenge.  I'm shuffling off to the salt mine studio to see what I can cobble together.  Stay Tuned. :)

Ooo-ooo, while you are waiting- would you pretty please vote for me over at Lamb Around??? I am so honored that Fuzzy Slippers has been nominated for Best in Show *blush* and now it's up to the viewers to vote for me.  As they say in Hollywood, "it's an honor to be nominated", but gosh it'd be pretty cool if I got some votes too. :)


  1. Can't wait to see what you will come up with all those lost treasures!lol.
    I'm off to vote for you!
    Will keep my fingers crossed for you to win!
    (That would be nice)!

  2. You know I got my two in!
    I just had to comment about unused supplies.
    I JUST invited 4 of my friends to come over in February and bring their tools they work withand favorite stamps.
    I will supply everything else
    I have 200 card bases and 6 drawers of scrap paper.
    My craft cave is open to use anything but no cutting of new paper...LOL
    We are going to see how many cards we can make.
    I sure hope they show up!
    Good Luck sweetie in the end I know you will do well


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