Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tablescape for One

So last time I posted to Tablescape Thursday I talked about not using my dishes.  So many of you were so encouraging that my husband and I have talked about having a date night and actually using those dishes.  What can I say, I'm caving to peer pressure. ;)  LOL!
My DH was away this weekend so I went to my fav grocery store.  I'm in the middle of orchard and small farm country so there's always good eats.  My total treat place is Idylwilde.  Think Whole Foods meets farmstand.  It's worth going just for the experience, nevermind the fab food.
The glass is a flea market fun find and the juice is fresh squeezed OJ.  Literally.  They used to do it right in front of you, but I think it got too hard to maintain in the middle of the store, but trust me this is legit.  My DH calls it liquid gold 'cause of the cost.  I say it's my treat and I don't waste a drop so no harm, no foul. :)  I watched the gal make the cider doughnut.  I wish blogland have smell-o-vision.  The sweet smell of this doughnut is, well, FANTASTIC!  The spinach wrap is holding sliced turkey with fresh spinach and tomato on a fun basic white Italian bisque plate.  The orange tulip bowl is holding organic peach yogurt (it has uber delicious cream in the top wen you open the container!!!).  The bowl was my grams.  She was going to pitch her multi-colored set of tulip bowls and I rescued them from certain dumpster doom. I have an avocado one, blue one, and gold one to go with this orange one.  Score me! :)

Are ya hungry yet?

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  1. Oh, that looks just delicious, and what a cute place setting. I always think it's important to treat yourself when you are dining alone. And I like how you've done it here.

    Happy Tablescape Thursday...


    Sheila :-)

  2. Enjoyed my visit to your blog..but it made me hungry!!!


  3. Oh, a cider doughnut would be SO GREAT right now! I love that you pampered yourself by setting a table for one -- lovely! Idylwilde sounds fabulous!

  4. Very pretty and welcoming. I'm hungry now.

    Happy week! ~Melissa :)

  5. Yes I'm always hungry and this looks delish.
    Table for one as given me the inspiration I needed,Mr Never LazyonLoblolly is an avid hunter and this time of year I am home alone,alot.Thanks for sharing.I am new follower.

  6. Found your blog from Melissa Miller's and think your table is just charming! I'd be delighted to be your guest! But then, I'd be delighted to be ANYone's guest...ha! Really, the table is beautiflu and the food look good too! mmmm!

  7. Yes, I'm hungry! I love the name of that place. I guess they got the name from Anne of Green Gables?

    On the table, you have inspired me. I am home alone most nights because the husband travels during the week. I am going to treat myself to a special table periodically.

    So fun!

  8. Yum. The spinach wrap looks delicious. The tulip bowl is so pretty. Glad you saved them. ;)

    Thank you for stopping by and don't forget me and my Chirp china when you make your millions. LOL

  9. Hi Moriah,

    Oh, I love your beautiful cards and your tablescape for one! Your little store sounds like a delightful place to go shopping in.

    I look forward to exploring the rest of your blog.

    Thank you so much for stopping by to visit me, and for leaving me a comment.

    Take care,


  10. Oh, yum! I would love a place like that close to home. That peach yogurt looks so good. I think it is great to treat yourself to a pretty tablesetting.

  11. Love the place mat...I was just in Vermont and never thought to get a cider donut, but I did have some delicious fried whole-bellied clams!

  12. Such an adorable tablescape. The food looks scrumptious! What a special treat. :-)


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