Thursday, November 11, 2010

Skipping Around the Calendar

My husband and I were talking at dinner last night about all the veterans we are lucky enough to know.  We were both surprised at the number!  Neither of us think of ourselves as coming from military families, but really we have lots of relatives and friends who are veterans. 
To mark this holiday devoted to our brave servicemen and servicewomen, I have put together a package of cards for the OWH angels.  They are always in need of birthday, miss you, and blank cards for writing notes home.

So why am I posting a valentine card in November?  A valentine in honor of Veteran's Day?!? Did I forget and skip over Thanksgiving and Christmas?  No worries, I haven't completely flaked out (yet hee-hee).  OWH has stopped collecting cards for Thanksgiving and Christmas until the summer/fall of 2011.  If you like making holiday cards, they are currently looking for Valentine cards and are collecting them until January 7th. :)  Gosh time is flying by!
I went through my stash and made sure to pick cards without glitter (find out why here).  I have a few cards for birthday, blank, anniversary, and thank you.  When I realized I had missed the Christmas deadline (whoops!) I went back to see what I had in the way of valentine cards.  Lucky me, I had a few already made. (Of course they were probably the cards I was supposed to send to family last Valentine's Day. LOL!) 
I just saw this on the OWH blog!  Find out how your handmade cards could get cookies for our soldiers abroad!

How are you remembering your veteran's today?


  1. This is just gorgeous

  2. This is truly a gorgeous card....and such an important day to reflect today.

  3. Stunning in it's simplicity. Hugs x

  4. That card is so cute and so perfect!


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