Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Trio

 So I played around with some more from that kit.  I'm trying hard to see just how much I can eek out of it. ;)  Consider it a challenge.  How much can you squeeze out of 10 sheets of paper and what you have on hand.
 I added a little sparkle here and there on these happy little jars.  It's nice to give that hidden bling and hear folks say "oh". :)  What can I say, I like surprises--good surprises.
 I used my stardust pen and scribbled some quick glitz on the lid and for the reveal...
I figure "good times" would be great for birthday, anniversary, thanks, gosh just about anything.  I'm into polka dots lately too.  Not sure if this is too plain though.

 "Just for you" seems like another multipurpose sentiment.  Never hurts to have those generic-but-fun cards on hand.  Ya nevah know. :)
I'm one the fence with this one.  It's pretty much why I posted this one last.  I went a little plain and I'm just not sure that it isn't too plain- well for me at least LOL!  Any suggestions to spice this one up would be most welcome!   

Wanna see what else I made with this kit?  Click here.


  1. I love all of these

  2. These are all adorable. Such a cute stamp set.

  3. Adorable stuff! Love the colors :)


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