Monday, November 22, 2010

Heeeelp!! Seriously I need YOU!

The Holiday Bazaar is a week from Friday.  At the craft-in a couple weeks ago, one of the gals brought a bunch of teapots and teacups for folks to pick and use in a basket.  I stopped by the local consignment shop and picked up a pretty creamer and sugar bowl.  I picked a fun set of 4 napkins made by one of the church mice for the bazaar.  I've got a basket.  Now comes the problem.  Which jam do I add to the basket?????
I am crippled with indecision!!!!!  The Jammin in the Kitchen crew made a ton of cool jams.  I managed to narrow down the choices to these 6.  I could use some blogland advice.  Seriously.  What would you want in this basket for yourself or for a hostess gift?  I will frou-frou up the basket more than it is already and I plan to add either some tea or crackers to the basket. (I'm open to any ideas about frou-frouing the basket and anyone know where I can get those big clear basket bags?)
While I'm asking, which topper would you pick? (I'm leaning towards the holly, but would like input from the crowd).  This is my first basket and I don't want my basket to be left at the end of the day. :)

Seriously, I want to make the ladies at the bazaar proud.  I'm shamelessly looking to all of you for any and all suggestions (other than me buying my own basket- that's plan B. LOL!)  I have to have this done by Dec 2nd.


  1. Really, any of the jams would be awesome. Just close your eyes and pick one! I'm with you on the holly topper. It's beautiful! Also, I think you can find the cellophane basket bags at Target. Good luck with your basket! I know it will be gorgeous!
    Scrappy Love,

  2. They all looks yummy!!!
    But as this is Christmas basket,somehow this apple one would be great choice.And you can put in cinnamon sticks tied with red ribbon,some herbal tea,and tea cookies.And there you have complete Christmas basket.
    Hope this helps!
    Good luck!

  3. They all look great but I'm partial to the strawberry rhubarb! I agree that the topper should be the holly one. I think the dollar store sells the cellophane bags.

  4. Oh my these are beautiful as is.
    I love Peach Jam and for the topper fabric,I love the red with the gold swirls.
    I am sure any one of them would be perfect.

  5. My own tastes send me towards the strawberry rhubarb or the fig and apple. Favorite topperis the red with gold scrolls, still christmassy but can look good at any season, just in case the jams are saved for a not eating-too-much-everyday period!

  6. I don't think you can go wrong with any of them. They all look fabulous!

  7. I think anyone of the jams would be a winner! There's no way your basket will be left behind, Moriah. The holly topper is lovely, so is the red with the gold swirls. But they all are really festive. Your basket will be perfect, no matter what!


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!