Thursday, September 30, 2010

Finally Fair

Okay, I kept talking and talking about The Country Fair all spring and summer.  I showed pictures of stuff we created to sell at The Country Store, but I never showed you pictures from this years fair!!!  It's exciting to know that working at this fair makes me a part of history.  Our church has been in this park hosting our fair for the town of Littleton "since Hector was a pup".  Seriously, something like 125 years.  How cool is that?!?
This was our Halloween corner.  As we unpacked all the goodies, Fran saw all the different fun creations that had a Halloween theme and went to town creating this fun nook.  I wanted to make sure to get a pic of this so we remember to do this again next year. :)
This was the front of the store.  We used 8 tables to set up the whole booth and we had barely enough space to put everything out!  We are really lucky to have so many crafty little mice make things for us to sell at this booth.
Some of our famous jam.  The fair started at 10 am.  Some of the lunch table folks set up a coffee and scones table across from us this year.  They had samples of the jam to eat with the scones.  They were out of food by 11.  Thanks in part to them, we were sold out of all the raspberry & raspberry mix jam by 10:30 and sold out of all jalapeno jams by 10:45!  At 2:45 we only had 22 of the 600 jars left.  I was very exciting and rewarding for all of us. :)
Pickle mixes and scone mixes- don't add these together folks. ;)
This was the view to the right of us just as the fair opened.  Some of the booths are ones we rent out to local vendors and the rest belong to some of the church run booths.  I never got shots to the left.  Wish I had.  The view included trash-to-treasure, jewelry, and the local farmers and the livestock they had brought. :(  I missed getting a shot of the pony rides, kid games, and penny candy (they sold out for the first time in years!)   They day couldn't have been better.  It was the quintessential New England fall day with sunshine and a light breeze.  I *heart* days like that. 

I'm still waiting to hear back about how our church did this year overall with our fair, but I know it was good.  The Country Store alone did great, never mind trash-to-treasure, the used books booth, various food tents, and jewelry.  No time to rest though.  I'm off to get the troops rallied one more time for the Holiday Bazaar.  I don't have to be in charge of that booth though (time to catch my breath).  Rachel is the head honcho there.  My job is to get us all together to get those last few holiday themed crafts finished up before the big day.  Between that and helping out on Tuesday nights making jam, we'll be ready come December! (I hope, gulp!)

Thanks for stopping by today!  What's your favorite kind of jam?


  1. What a beautiful stand ya'll created! Wish I could've been there. I just love craft fairs.

  2. Moriah what a beautiful stand. :) Looks brilliant.


    For me strawberry jam is the best! :)



  3. Moriah the stall looks gorgeous wish I could have been there to share some of that yummy jam with you and some sunshine too - it's been raining here for days !
    Hope you've got your laptop issues sorted hun x
    ((hugs)) Suzie xx

  4. You guys have a nice set up.
    Who could resist homemade jams :)
    I missed out local fall fair this year :(


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