Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sparkly & Rustic Thanks

Morning' Peeps! Boy how time flies!!!! I made this card a bit ago and discovered I hadn't shared it, which is a shame because it is one of my favorite looks.

Sparkles from gems and Sticklers mixed with some rustic burlap ribbon.  Ahhhh, love the juxtaposition.  This card was inspired while I was trying to make some anniversary cards.  This bouquet kept begging to be used by getting mixed in with the other supplies, so I finally said to myself  "okay use it!" LOL!

The daisies were originally just flat, so each center got some bling with the addition of Stickles centers.  The photo doesn't truly do the bling justice!

Tonight should be interesting for me.  I am taking my first French lessons in 20 years!!!  I'm wicked excited and nervous too.  I've had my "test" to see where I fit and I'm happy to say that I am functioning at about a Grade 3 level.  That may be higher than when I was in High School French. *hee-hee*. Class is late, 7-8 pm and I'm sure to be exhausted. 

What new things are you about to try, or would like to try?


  1. I hope your French class was good! I'm learning to knit, simple basic things, at the moment I'm making a cowl for this winter. I find knitting quite relaxing and it's a way to free my mind. I would love to learn some embroidery. Maybe soon :)

  2. I love that your going back to freshen up and expand on your French! I took Spanish for 7 years and ended up moving to Germany..LOL. Who knew...
    Hope you had a blast and I have no doubt that in a week or 2 you'll graduate Elementary level with ease :) You're such an inspiring lady Moriah!
    Lisa x

  3. LOL..I totally forgot to compliment your card. Good grief...my mind is slipping. Your CAS card is exquisite. I love the color depth of the stems and the bits to add depth and texture to the flowers is perfect. That image is great with the line of light going down the can too. Such a great card :)

  4. I LOVE daisies and your card is just so precious!
    Wow! French!! My oldest DD is taking her second year of German so I am receiving a free refresher course as I help her study! It is amazing how much you 'remember' once you start using it again! As far as new learning, I am hoping to enroll in a noncredit photography course during the summer so I will actually be able to use the manual settings on my camera!


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!