Sunday, October 5, 2014

Gray and Orange

A big thanks to the sun for coming out to shine today!!!  We totally needed the rain, and I LOVE a good rainy day, but the colors on the trees look AMAZING when the sun hits them.  Honestly one of these days I'm going to go off the road with all my leaf peeping.

This card is a combo of the cloudy weather we've had and the colorful leaves all around. :) I am still crushing on this ribbon I made.  A couple weekends ago I went nuts with dyes and created another 9 or so versions in pinks, greens, springtime Monet-style multi-colored ribbon, and a wicked cool version that looks like an autumn tree in full blaze (can't wait to come up with something for that!)

The plan today is to go visit a friend's studio up in Lowell.  It is in an old factory and the whole place has been hosting an Open House all weekend.  I can't wait to see everything and get inspired!!! It also looks to be a good ride with leaf-peeping opportunities (fingers-crossed I stay on the road! LOL!)

Happy Creating!


  1. Beautiful color combo. Love the scrunchy orange ribbon.

  2. A very stylish card! I like the autumnal palette.

  3. I love that pop of bright orange with the greys in the card…beautiful.
    I would love to see where others create :)

  4. OHHHHH!!!! The ribbon is the perfect pop of color on this wonderful card! I know just what you mean about staying on the road! We went camping at the national forest this weekend and there were a couple of times that my car hit the rumble strips on the interstate as I looked at the amazing hillsides!


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