Thursday, October 9, 2014

It's a Good Day

The weather was beautiful today and so were the leaves. :) It's a good day to share something pretty and even better when the pretty has the perfect sentiment!

It was a good day for more than the weather for me.  I had a meeting at work that went way better than I thought.  I'm a terrible worrier and can't eat when I am stressed, so this meeting called for a run to Subway for a 6" and a soda!  I don't know the last time I had soda and it tasted WONDERFUL.  Of course I crashed after eating everything, but I had my faithful-ish pup Cida to cuddle with on the sofa for a bit. :)

Now the "crash" meant I didn't get anything I planned to do actually done.  Except for laundry, but let's face it, laundry does itself once you add water & soap.  LOL!  Oh, you mean it doesn't fold itself too???  Darn, I guess I didn't get anything done!!!!

Well, hope you enjoyed this day and you got more done than moi!


  1. Glad your day went well!! That card is so sweet! Great job!
    I break up my household chores and do a little of everything in between work :)

  2. I absolutely love the colors on this wonderfully happy card! I'm glad to hear your meeting went well and you managed to get some laundry done as well! That is a losing battle in our home! Wash one load, four more appear in it's place. I'm beginning to think dirty laundry is a lot like gremlins...multiplies when you get them wet!


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