Saturday, October 18, 2014

Some Halloween Fun

I got the chance to take an Amuse Stamps Halloween card class last week and thought I'd share them with y'all!  I made a little oops with my "spooky" (it is a little wonky), but I love the little skeleton dudes.  They remind me of Karate Kid, the original one with Ralph Macchio.  Dating myself a bit huh.

Not much going on here.  I wanted to take a nap today, so what happened?  Everyone else is asleep and I am wide awake typing this post.  Oh well, at least it is quiet. :)

Gonna play with some sugar skull stamps I got from the class.  They are pretty addictive!  It's fun to go wild with bright colors!  If I get anything finished I'll share with you tomorrow...


  1. Oh dear...I remember Karate Kid too...I just love your spooky cards.

  2. Very cute! I think your "spooky" looks just fine and I would have never noticed anything without you saying. And to be completely honest, I think they look perfect! The little skeleton guys are too cute.

  3. Three wonderful Halloween cards and I think the 'wonky' Spooky gives the perfect hint of motion to your Karate Kid skeletons!


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