Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Happy Sunshiny Day!

I'm on a "sun" theme these last couple weeks huh?  Today is a throwback post.  Remember this card I made for my retiring co-worker?  Remember I said I made another version of this card 'cause there were so many people who wanted to write messages?  Remember I said I would share that other card- a MONTH AGO??  Well, finally.  Hope you like it. ;)

I used the same sketch for both cards 'cause I like to see how different colors and patterns can change the feel of a sketch.  Hope you don't mind.  I'm cutting this post short as it is late and I still need to pack for The Cape.  It's our annual girls-mid-week-summer-get-together so I'm trying to get a couple posts ready for y'all while I'm gone. 

Have a fantastic Wednesday!  I'll be back Friday with a *gasp* LAYOUT.  Yup, I finished a scrapbook page!  :D


  1. Love this one too! I love how you combined so many different patterns and still kept it from looking too busy!


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