Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Anniversary (& Happy Birthday America!)

Today is not only the birthday of America, it is also my 12th Anniversary of being married to the greatest guy ever!  I'm so happy to say I would say yes all over again without hesitation.  Thanks for asking me T!!!

If you have ever read my Christmas Day posts, you know how much I love the games my husband puts together for me.  Presents are nice, but I LOVE the puzzle!!!!  He likes to use the numbers as symbols.  So for our fourth we went to the driving range and he call it "Fore on the Forth, Fourth".  My 33rd birthday he made a card that looked like Larry Bird's jersey.  My 38th he drew a 38 Special on the card.

Since today is our 12th Anniversary, the game was "12 Travel Adventures".  I had 60 second to say the adventure based on the clue.  As it turned out I need 120 seconds (which I have to say numbers-wise goes better with the theme).  He told me after that he thought it might be tough to come up with 12 and then by the time he was done he realized we had way more than 12.

This is the card I made for him to see when he woke up.  He gets up earlier than I do, so I had to put it out when I woke up in the middle of the night.  I wake up a ton during the night, so I knew I would be able to be sneaky then.  I didn't think about that trying to do this in the dark, without waking up the dog would be so nerve-raking!!!

Off to run errands and then hit the beach here in Maine & then fireworks tonight.  It's so nice that America shoots off fireworks on our anniversary each year. *wink wink*

While you are here, don't forget to stop by my Hen's Den Blog Hop post and enter to win!!!

I'm off to share my special day here:
Simon Says Stamp- Patriotic


  1. Congrats on the anniversary!!! and the card is gorgeous!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Very cute card. :o)

  3. Happy Anniversary! Nice card!

  4. Awesome anniversary card! I love it! :)

    Thanks for joining us at the Simon Says Stamp Challenge Blog! :)

    PS: Would you please consider taking off word verification? That makes it easier for us to comment. Thanks!

  5. Super fantastic card ! I love the glitter !

    Happy Anniversary too, hope you had a fantastic time !

    Thank you for joining us at Simon Says Challenge


    Jo x

  6. Well, happy anniversary! We had a cookout and fireworks to honor your special day! :)

    Your card is wonderful, and I love the sparkly 'happy'! Sounds like your DH is as creative as his lovely wife!

  7. Happy Anniversary, Moriah! I like the fun games your husband makes for special days. Very cool!

  8. Hey Moriah! Thanks for linking this up to the Mixy-Matchy Style Challenge in the Moxie Fab World! I'm so glad you joined in on all the fun! :)


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