Friday, June 21, 2013

Fun and Games 'til Retirement

One of my fellow Reading Specialists is retiring this year.  I'm happy for her, sad for us!  She's going to have lots of fun spending time with her grandbaby, traveling to see the US Open, and sleeping in on Monday mornings!! :)

I dipped into my June stash Charlie sent to make one of 2 book-style cards for the folks at school to write their "I'll miss you" messages.

There are about 80 staff at my school, so one little card isn't going to do it!  I decided to adhere 3 card bases together using Score-tape.  The extra pages will give people lots of room for signatures (I had to make 2 of these 'cause the first one filled up in 2 days!).

I wrapped ribbon around the "card" so it could tie shut with a ribbon 'cause it's so stinkin' cute with a bow!!

I just love how this turned out!  The sentiment says it all.  From this point on its all fun and games for our retiree!  We are all so jealous happy for her! :)

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CAD UPDATE---- He's Home!!!  I was able to bring him home last night and he is already acting like his old self. :)  I had to put together a spreadsheet for all the pills he is taking.  I told our family that after all is said and done we may have to have A&E come do an episode of Intervention with all the pills he is on!  Some are 3x's a day, some 2, some only once.  Some are 12 hours & others 8 hours.  3 are for pain and 2 antibiotics.  One is a "just in case" drug because they don't really know what's wrong.  Bottom line, it'll be at least a month before we know how this all pans out, but right now we are basking in the joy of having my "furry little brother" home! 

I tried to pay forward all the prayers/thoughts/vibes you have been sending our way to the night crew of Ward A at Tufts Vet Hospital in N. Grafton (it's open 24 hours a day/ 365 days a year).  I hit the new Wegman's and came back to them the other night with a bunch of yummy goodies (some healthy & some just delicious junk food) and a big box of coffee.  I thought it was a small gesture of thanks, but honestly you would have thought I brought a winning lotto ticket!  It was wonderful to know that I could give them the same warm fuzzies that all of you have been giving us.  It is amazing how small gestures can mean so much and impact your whole outlook on the day.  May all of you feel the warm fuzzies of thanks our family is sending your way throughout this weekend!


  1. Good news about Cad :) GORGEOUS card too!

  2. What a cute idea for a card for everyone to sign. As the resident card-maker at my school I will have to file this idea away. Great design, especially the ribbon tie.

  3. This is such a wonderful and thoughtful gift! I am sure this will be cherished!

    So glad to hear Cad is back home, even if he does have his own pharmacy... Hugs!


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